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When it comes to measuring value in our workspaces, traditional property valuation methodologies are no longer enough.

In order to deliver forward-thinking, smart buildings that stand the test of the time, local authorities and businesses need to work together to benchmark against ESG requirements and establish sustainable frameworks to value property.
But how can we convince those who still see growth and innovation and sustainable progress as opposing dichotomies?
Good ethics equates to good business sense. And delivering true sustainability in the workplace means going beyond focusing solely on net zero construction.
We must look at factors such as proximity to green energy sources, local labour markets and space for placemaking as sustainable and commercially viable routes to growth, not obstacles to success.
Recognising market sentiment and the value we can offer to the societies in which we exist, will not only enable more sustainable workspaces, it will also add resilience to owner’s balance sheets and revitalise communities.
Our Sustainable Buildings Monitor campaign is shifting the dial on what sustainable office refurbishment should look like, establishing a new framework to value property in a purpose-driven way.
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Redefining Value – a workplace perspective roundtable

ISG hosted a panel discussion bringing industry experts together from ISG, Arup, Hogan Lovells, TP Bennett and Revantage to examine ISG's latest research 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value' from a workplace perspective. Hosted at one of ISG’s projects, with SMART efficiencies and environmentally friendly design at its core the panel discussed: 
  • When it comes to choosing the right location and property, what factors are key to building confidence in your selection?
  • What data do we need to collect to help us assess property selection?
  • How do we as an industry drive retrofitting higher on the agenda?
Watch the full discussion below.
Sustainable workspaces | ISG
British council for offices | ISG

ISG sponsors British Council for Offices Awards 2023

The BCO Awards acknowledges innovation and focuses external attention on examples of best practice. Established in 1992, the competition has grown and developed over the years with a number of innovations to categories and the way the Awards are presented.

Our project experience

We create exceptional spaces that personify the brands at their heart, working flexibly to offer inventive solutions at every step. Whatever the project size, scale or purpose, our experience and ability to deliver the full spectrum of client needs quickly allows brands to focus on what truly matters to them.
Arup Office fit out | ISG

A leading sustainable delivery for one of the world’s most well-respected consultancies.

Arup, 80 Charlotte Street, London, UK
Marylebone office scheme | ISG

ISG awarded £50 million low carbon Marylebone office scheme

Woolworth House, London, UK
Sustainable office fit out | ISG

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s new home isn’t your average building. But it needs to be.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), Cambridge, UK

Skills shortage | ISG

Construction: the great overlooked tool in our strategic workforce planning

The built environment, as a signal of confidence and observable employment opportunity, is a significantly underused indicator of future skills and workforce requirements. It could be the most effective tool in connecting the dots between people, place and productivity

ISG's low-carbon retrofit offering

Low-carbon retrofit - Delivering on tomorrow's legacy, today.

As organisations are transitioning from short-term decision-making to long-term preparation for a new reality, underpinned by the ESG agenda as the driving force, our teams offer the expertise and knowledge to assist you in reaching your carbon reduction goals for your estate. We can help you set new standards for low energy use, carbon emissions and impact on natural resources.
Our low-carbon retrofit offering will ensure that your building stays ahead of energy usage legislation and maximises the performance of your estates and to meet your commitments and deliver long-term return on investment. 
Read more about our low-carbon retrofit offering

Purpose and ‘moments that matter’ underpin our high street revival 

The recent launch of ISG’s ‘The power of place: The true cost of inaction’ white paper explored reactions from three influential groups, after 24-months of transformational change, brought about by a global 1 in 100-year pandemic event.  


Sustainable Buildings | ISG
ISG's latest research and insight report

Establishing a purpose-driven way to measure the true value of property.

We all have a role to play in creating a sustainable society that delivers value and equity for all. Our carbon targets might be ambitious, but they’re absolutely essential.
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Rosanne Taylor

Rosanne Taylor

Head of Business Development, Fit Out