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Commercial (Quantity Surveying)

Effective commercial management is a key part in the successful delivery of our projects, adding long-term value and supporting customer ambitions and outcomes. Working alongside the delivery team and supply chain, we ensure works are procured to the best value and run smoothly from award through to completion.



We put people at the heart of everything we do. With professions ranging from People to finance, and IT to quality, our corporate functions community consists of experts who work across a wide range of fields and disciplines to enable our people and businesses to thrive and make ISG a great place to work.



As a global construction specialist, we have been behind some of the most iconic large-scale projects, working with the world’s leading brands and using the latest methods of construction to shape an exciting new generation of places to come.


Design management

Every project we build is born from a successful design process. The nature and complexity, resources, time, and end product required are dictated by the solutions, innovations and ideas provided by our design managers to help our customers achieve their ambitions.


Digital construction (BIM)

We believe all environments are technology environments. Our digital construction team supports and influences the design process, drawing on the best digital innovations, talent and technology to deliver the best results for our customers.

Building and tech services

Building and technical services

Behind every building are the complex, technical system installations that help us achieve a safe, functional, efficient and safe working environment for all our customers, and minimise our impact on the environment.

Health and safety

Health and safety

We choose to respond differently to health and safety – through continuous learning, communication, and remaining flexible to the challenges that come with changeable times; our approach to health and safety is the secret behind our flourishing people and communities.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

ESG is a pivotal part of our business strategy and how we approach climate change and carbon, circular economy and environmental management, and remove barriers for those that face additional challenges, so that our opportunities and impact is accessible to all.



Planning is integral to both winning work and managing it effectively. Our planning programmes ensure predictability from a business level through to the day-to-day running of our sites, playing a fundamental role in risk mitigation, reporting, and managing change and delays.

Project management

Project management

We pride ourselves on working with some of the best project managers in the industry. Whatever the project size, scale or purpose, they are the conduits between our sites and clients, empowering our teams and ensuring we deliver environments where people and business can thrive.



With one of the most gender-balanced boards in the industry, our leadership team is committed to creating a place where everyone feels valued, recognised for their hard work and excited about the contribution they’re making.

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