What makes us different

Delivering thriving places requires the ability to think differently, be progressive in the use of technology and embrace change – it requires what we call, Delivery Dynamic. 

Delivery Dynamic is the secret behind our great relationships, and the driving force behind our transformational results. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Delivery dynamic is...

Approaching everything we do with a strong set of values

Our values to dream smart, speak frankly, always care and never stop learning are at the heart of what we do, and how we do it. They reflect our bold ambitions and drive us every day by inspiring our teams to deliver high quality, innovative work.

Having a clear set of business objectives

We know where we want to go – it’s why we created our ‘All 4 by 24’ strategy, which aims to achieve all four of our corporate goals by 2024. To help us achieve our vision to be the world's most dynamic construction services company, delivering places that help people and businesses thrive, we need to be the best employer, the best with clients, the most efficient and the most innovative.

Infographic depicting ISG's All 4 by 24 strategy with employees at conference in the background

Being trusted with the world’s largest projects

From workplaces of the future for major financial institutions in Germany, to our work with global tech titans on the biggest datacentres in Europe, the world’s top brands have complete confidence in us and our services.

Embracing emerging technologies

Technology is developing at breakneck speed – and we like it that way. The latest tech informs everything we do, whether it’s making our own work more efficient, using virtual reality and gaming technology to show clients what their spaces will look like, or using the latest innovations to create smart buildings that positively impact the environment and last for years to come.

Partnering with our clients in new countries

The journey to achieving places that empower brands, people and communities to flourish isn’t always smooth, but partnering with a trusted advisor with the ability to deliver real impact, globally, holds the key to making it a smooth one. Clients have complete faith in us – it’s why brands such as global workspace provider, International Workplace Group, have trusted us to deliver what they need in the UK, before taking that same level of success into countries around the world.

Transferring best practice to new sectors

With our wealth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit, our record of breaking into and succeeding in new environments is matchless. By persistently tapping into what we know and what we’ve learnt across the industry, we convert these previously unexplored sector opportunities into lasting areas of expertise.

ISG construction workers looking at plans on rooftop site opposite St Paul's cathedral London

Investing in our supply chain

Our supply chain plays a leading role in delivering top quality projects, creating state-of-the-art workspaces and ensuring unparalleled experiences for our clients and end users. Our established partner network has subscribed to our ethos, and we’re committed to them too – investing in training and relationships as we continue our quest to secure our future at the top of the industry.

Using data to inform our thinking

We’re great at what we do, but we want to be even better. We know how important data is in making sure we never stop learning, continue to rise to challenges, and improve outcomes for our people, clients and projects. It makes us innovative, adaptable and informed – it makes us leaders.

Challenging our people to never stop learning

With a rich learning culture, a tech-led mindset and a desire to repeatedly push the boundaries of possibility, we want our gifted people to leave a legacy in the communities they work in, develop their skills and make a difference – that’s why we support their continued learning and development, and encourage them to think big.

Synchronicity between people and planet

We want to create a place where our people can thrive in our business, deliver performance we can be proud of, support communities who are better for knowing us, and ensure environments are both protected and enhanced. With a far-reaching sustainability policy and commitment to social value on every project, we’re leading on a brighter future.