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Education is getting smarter – teaching spaces need to be flexible, specialised and thoughtful. Whether it’s a school, college or university, we create places that grow with the people that use them.

The impact of space on education cannot be underestimated. We work with our clients across schools, colleges and universities, to create innovative places that foster a sense of wellbeing, to support rather than hinder academic attainment.

Learning institutions need to be smart, resilient and flexible, with the environment and efficiency built through their design, construction and operation. 

Our recent projects - primary and further education

South Point Primary School

South Point Primary School

Rhoose, UK

STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy, Bridgend College

Bridgend, UK

Entrance to Heath Primary School Chesterfield refurbished by ISG

Heath Primary School

Chesterfield, UK

Experience and flexibility in education

To last into the future, educational buildings and campuses must adapt, become more sustainable, and cater for the shifting demands of society and business. It’s a challenge that no one establishment or local authority can face alone. Alongside government, framework partners and estates leads, we listen, adapt and learn – but never in isolation. Our peers, technical specialists, and teaching and research professionals help shape our projects as we work to perfect a model for education provision which still allows those using the space to flourish. We thrive on a challenge, bringing experts together to develop sustainable solutions, designed for longevity and wellbeing. 

Building blocks for early education spaces

We deliver our education work through public sector frameworks, such as the Department for Education, via local authorities, or directly for the institutions themselves. We recognise the need for educational spaces to be adaptable and cost-effective – it’s why we have worked with our project partners to develop an innovative approach, using standardised components. By replicating tried and tested techniques and processes from our experience on other projects, this model speeds up pre-construction times, saves on delays during the design phase, and improves cost and programming.

We continue to collaborate with education partners through our engagement programmes, which include the World of Work Experience (WOWEX) programme, which allows students to learn what it’s like to work in construction, Open Doors, and our support for T Level qualifications in England.

South Point Primary School

South Point Primary School, Rhoose, UK

Post-occupancy data collection, evaluation and continuous performance refinement isn’t a core component of many education projects – but South Point Primary School makes a compelling reason why it really should be.

This is a story about a trailblazing local authority in Wales, observing the waste, delay and cost of constantly redesigning space for new education facilities, when it already had a formula that worked.

High-performing places for higher education

We know that high quality, high-performing spaces attract exceptional talent. Higher education institutions need to be the best in their field across a range of disciplines – this could be a top-of-the-range research facility developing the latest medical technology, such as University College London’s (UCL) new home of Neuroscience, or a flexible space that increases commercial revenue at a time when funding is uncertain.

We work with our clients to create places that boost productivity, and where faculty and students can work and learn together. Harnessing the latest sector insights and research enables us to understand the challenges higher education estates face – our teams have the expertise to find the right solutions, creating spaces that provide a competitive advantage relevant to the institution and its needs.

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‘Space to innovate’

ISG's latest research report, 'Space to innovate', reveals a link between built space and innovation, with our research showing that more appropriate space to innovate drives greater levels of innovation. Innovation which leads to more productivity, growth and nationwide prosperity.

“Working in collaboration across the education sector with clients and stakeholders provides ISG with the opportunity to be a true partner in the widest sense. Our clients are continually faced with new challenges and by working together through investment and innovation, we are identifying solutions fit for the future.”

Zoe Price, ISG's CEO 

Close up of Mark Adams, Headteacher at Chelveston Rd School, Rushden, UK, speaking in front of a class of students

Mark tells us how on a day-to-day basis you can see how Chelveston Road School has had a massive impact on its students' lives.

Mark Adams, Headteacher, Chelveston Road School, Rushden, UK

Our recent projects - Higher education

Cambridge University

School of Healthcare Sciences

Cardiff, UK

Mithras House, University of Brighton, UK

Mithras House, University of Brighton

Brighton, UK

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Cambridge, UK

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