Learning and Development

Learning and development

At ISG, we want you to be able to leave a legacy in the communities you work in, develop your skills, and feel empowered to be the best version of yourself.

By recognising talent and rewarding ambition, we want to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your full potential. After all, by giving all our people the chance to constantly grow and develop, we’ll continue to deliver a world-class service.

With our talent development team, at the heart of all this, we are committed to creating and supporting high-quality learning and development opportunities, which helps us attract and retain people who are ambitious and eager to learn.

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Value our talent

We know how important career development is to you and we are committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to feel inspired and empowered to build something special at ISG. One of the most important skills you can develop throughout your career is how you manage your personal development. At ISG we ensure you get the feedback and development you need, including opportunities for coaching, high quality team development and classroom and online learning. Put simply, we nurture talent and enable you to maximise your potential. 

With skills and behavioural frameworks, development programmes and information hubs, we ensure you feel guided and empowered at every milestone, and supported to develop the skills and behaviours you need to achieve your dream career. We are there to support you at every stage of your career and each transition you make.

Expanded training for diverse needs

We’re always looking for new ways to develop our people to meet their individual needs, by delivering training across more than 200 subjects, annually. These include technical, professional, compliance-focused, and managerial courses.

Overall, we deliver around 8,000 training days and more than 10,000 e-learning courses a year. These have been tailored to your role and development path, ensuring you are skilled, confident, and safe when building something special with us.

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See it and you can be it – know it and you can grow it – transparency will unlock the UK’s skills conundrum

ISG embarked on a research project to look at the skills debate through a different lens – using built environment planning data as the catalyst for a national skills master planning strategy. 

Developing high potential 

Alongside our standard offering, each year our employees with the highest levels of potential have the opportunity to join our Futures Group programmes.  Successful applicants are able to accelerate their career development via tailored learning and development opportunities alongside hands-on experience of real-life business change projects that directly contribute to ISG’s corporate strategy.

Highly personalised management programmes

As a manager, you can access a range of management programmes that are tailored to meet the unique development needs of our first-line and middle managers. These include online learning to support your abilities in coaching, delegation, motivation, giving feedback and more. You may also be identified as a key talent in our business and take part in one of our executive coaching programmes to prepare you for moving into a senior leadership role.

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