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80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are standing today - to meet net zero commitments we must accelerate retrofit.

Richard Hubbard, ISG’s Board Director, took to the stage as Knowledge Partner at WIRED Impact 2022 alongside a line-up of global game changers to examine the fast-changing world of sustainability, ESG and explore the opportunities for organisations to innovate to tackle humankind’s most pressing challenges.

Building for legacy

Joining a line-up of global game changers addressing humankind’s most pressing challenge: climate change, ISG’s Richard Hubbard took to the stage as a WIRED Knowledge Partner to talk about sustainable construction and building for legacy. As referenced in ISG’s Sustainable Building Monitor report, 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already here. The construction industry needs to find ways to deal with what buildings we have and to turn them into something that works for both society and the environment. Buildings of today will not necessarily be what they are tomorrow, so we need a shift mindsets to start behaving as custodians of buildings, rather than owners and to view buildings as ‘material banks’, retaining resources and embracing a circularity principle. 

Watch Richard's session below:

WIRED Impact | ISG
Building for Legacy with Richard Hubbard | WIRED Impact

“For me, the biggest threat facing our planet right now would be mindset. We need to start acting not as owners of buildings, but as custodians, and we need to have longer term thinking.”

Richard Hubbard, Board Director, ISG

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Low-carbon retrofit

As organisations are transitioning from short-term decision-making to long-term preparation for a new reality, underpinned by the ESG agenda as the driving force, our teams offer the expertise and knowledge to assist you in reaching your carbon reduction goals for your estate. We can help you set new standards for low energy use, carbon emissions and impact on natural resources.

Our low-carbon retrofit offering will ensure that your building stays ahead of energy usage legislation and maximises the performance of your estates and to meet your commitments and deliver long-term return on investment. 

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