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ISG’s Wide Angle research ‘Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value’

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Why should we establish a new, purpose-driven framework to measure the true value of property?

After three years of radical global change, our lives are different. The rules of property demand are changing, with less focus on footfall and commutability, and our asset valuation must be as flexible and multifaceted as the market. We can all play a role in creating resilient communities set up for sustainable and ethical growth. With the collective vision for the future uniting around ESG values, inaction or the sole pursuit of short-term gains is no longer a viable commercial strategy. ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor looks to create a new framework to identify untapped areas of development opportunity across the UK.

Developers and asset owners, organisations, and local authority leaders can pivot interests towards flexible, smart buildings with multiple uses and guardians. A new framework, based on long-term ESG fundamentals, will augment the collective balance sheets. Traditional valuation methodologies are evolving, and the advantage now exists for those who take the more holistic view. Benchmarking against ESG criteria naturally leads to a redefinition of the value of property.

Hear from ISG’s Richard Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, Zoe Price, COO, and Peter Kelly, Group Director for Sustainable Operations as they share their insights and discuss the key findings from the report. Watch here.

Sustainable Buildings Monitor | ISG
ISG's Richard Hubbard, Zoe Price and Peter Kelly share their insights from the Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value research report.

Research for 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value' encompassed in-operation performance data, social value, net zero, embodied carbon and circularity measurements, as well as proximity to green energy sources and local labour markets. This new research reveals key and untapped areas of development opportunity across the UK. We hope our research can inform future strategic planning and is an opportunity for all regions in the UK to share their knowledge. 

Our industry is clearly at an inflection point, and ISG seeks to think differently and be a force for good - advocating for and practising sustainable construction methods and modern methods of construction. We’re encouraging the debate and facilitating knowledge transfer; bringing investors, occupiers and local government to the table and stimulating those conversations based on our findings.

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“For VERB, returning value to communities, and working in truly sustainable ways, is non-negotiable. This report demonstrates the potential for 'Levelling Up' across the UK, and the ways that those involved in the creation of the built environment can influence this. We must all play our part in championing project delivery which supports innovative and sustainable industries while, crucially, investing in long-term development of local skills.”

Chris McDermott, Chief Executive Officer, VERB

In Focus - sector insight

Our industry focused events will feature experts from a variety of key sectors and look to examine ISG's research, reframing the future investment debate.

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Major projects

With the pressure for high-tech brands to get their products to market quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, smart sustainable environments and communities are key to success. 
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In order to deliver forward-thinking, smart buildings that stand the test of the time, local authorities and businesses need to work together to benchmark against ESG requirements and establish sustainable frameworks to value property.
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Public sector

Our latest research and insight report is changing how we visualise economic growth and opportunity across the UK, and is the starting point for a conversation that should prove transformational for communities the length and breadth of our nation.


ISG partners with WIRED UK to discuss the key findings from ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value report.

Stop building for demolition - ISG's Richard Hubbard talks to WIRED's Deputy Global Editorial Director 

Richard Hubbard and Greg Williams discuss the findings from ISG’s latest research and insight report Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value which reframes the future property investment debate, and reveals key and untapped areas of development opportunity across the UK.
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Building for legacy  - ISG's Richard Hubbard took to the stage at WIRED Impact

Joining a line-up of global game changers addressing humankind’s most pressing challenge: climate change, ISG’s Richard Hubbard took to the stage as a WIRED Knowledge Partner to talk about sustainable construction and building for legacy.

“For me, the biggest threat facing our planet right now would be mindset. We need to start acting not as owners of buildings, but as custodians, and we need to have longer term thinking.”

Richard Hubbard, Chief Marketing Officer, ISG

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Sustainability - Protecting the planet is no longer a choice, but an obligation.

We drive revolutionary change in our industry, promoting the sustainability agenda through our own operations and supporting our clients to achieve their sustainable business goals.


The first iteration of ISG's Sustainable Buildings Monitor provides data on the international variations in the carbon emissions and energy consumption due to the operation of commercial buildings.

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