Sustainable Buildings Monitor

Sustainable Buildings Monitor

Charting a net zero legacy for our cities, towns and communities

ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor research and insight report is available now.

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Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our planet.

Before COVID-19, the global community committed to bold action. The pandemic shook the world, but the climate change emergency hasn’t gone away.

Significantly though, many view the pandemic as an opportunity to reset and assess the impact we are having on the planet, and speculate that the COVID-19 recovery could in fact be a green one.

The built environment has a critical role to play. With a quarter of all CO2 emissions coming from buildings, the global community needs to reduce building energy consumption by over 80% if we are to reach zero-carbon targets.

If we are to chart a sustainable future, first we need to understand where we are now.

ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor provides data on the regional variations in the carbon emissions and energy consumption due to the operation of commercial buildings across the UK.

By understanding the data, we can better support those regions that have the most work to do in cutting the emissions produced by the buildings that occupy them – delivering solutions to champion energy efficiency, create smart spaces, and retrofit existing ones too – and take radical steps on the journey to securing a net zero legacy for our cities, towns and communities.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that coming together as a community means we can solve the big problems that our world faces.

10,462 days and counting – that’s how long we have to reach 2050 net zero goals. The time to act is now.

How ready are you?

ISG Smart Series: Sustainable Buildings Monitor  

On 11 May we held a webinar where we heard industry-leading experts share their insights on how building owners, occupiers, developers and businesses in the construction industry and beyond can take radical steps on the journey to securing a net zero legacy for our cities, towns and communities across the UK.

If you missed the live event, the full ISG Smart Series webinar is available to watch here.


Education Estates SBM event signposting | ISG

Creating sustainable educational estates; the time to act is now. How ready are you?

Join experts from across the education sector as we explore some of the initiatives already underway to meet net zero targets, and what else needs to be done, ensuring that present and future generations can benefit from educational spaces that truly perform.

Join us on Wednesday 26 May 2021 at 11:00-12:15.

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Mapping the future of healthcare – WIRED Health 2021

Can we set a net zero standard where our new hospitals and existing healthcare buildings operate as efficiently as a forest? 

Watch our group director for sustainable business, Debbie Hobbs, as she talks exclusively at WIRED Health 2021 to address key findings from ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor and outline a roadmap for the net zero healthcare estate of the future.

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