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Innovative and emerging industries are key to sustainable growth and building resilience across the UK.

With the pressure for high-tech brands to get their products to market quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, smart sustainable environments and communities are key to success. This means going beyond focusing solely on net zero construction. 
With the lack of sustainable infrastructure, how do we as an industry come together to work collaboratively to expedite programmes, rationalise location strategies, and incentivise investment toward revitalising communities?
In the report we reframe the future investment debate, looking at what value we can offer to the societies in which we exist, adding resilience to owner’s balance sheets and measuring return on investment by genuine contribution to society.

Our experts in high-tech manufacturing have cited one of the biggest risks for asset owners is a lack of sustainable infrastructure and space for placemaking. Green funds exist but distribution is hampered by lack of resources in comparative asset performance across regions – we discuss in the report, the need to generate more investment to offset these risks based on new performance criteria/metrics. Businesses are now also answerable to a wider group of stakeholders, who are interested in how ESG drives corporate performance, so there needs to be an agreed level of ESG ambition set against expectation of stakeholders.

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“We welcome this report as it shows how when like-minded organisations partner, they can deliver value that goes beyond economic metrics. South Gloucestershire is a great place to invest and we welcome businesses, particularly in advanced manufacturing and innovation, that look to contribute to our area with far more than GVA”

Steve Reade, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Environment and Strategic Planning, South Gloucestershire Council

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Working with Sunset Waltham Cross Studios

Positioning the UK as a global leader in film and TV facilities

ISG has been awarded a PCSA contract for the development of Sunset Waltham Cross Studios, supporting the UK as it secures its global position as the leading investment location for new film and TV studio facilities.

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Logistics and distribution | ISG

Flipping the language around Section 106 to unlock the planning impasse

Mark Cesenek, managing director of ISG’s Logistics and Distribution business talks about repositioning sustainable development as a positive and enriching process that has transformational legacy benefits for communities.

Navigating the net zero journey to 2050

Tackling an issue of the scale and complexity of reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 can feel insurmountable, but the energy and optimism of the panel suggested that the precedent has now been set for global cooperation on issues of profound importance to future generations.
Datacentre revolution | ISG

The datacentre revolution that could be coming to a high street near you

Why not put data capacity into empty office spaces? Because we need to solve the power conundrum.
Peter Hutchinson - thrive story | ISG

Peter uses the skills he learned in the Royal Navy in his new vocation, but with his feet now firmly on solid ground.

Peter Hutchinson, Datacentre Campus Manager, Crawley, UK

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Logistics and distribution | ISG

Logistics and distribution

Retail’s ‘need for speed’ is increasingly becoming a defining competitive advantage. Speed-to-market is the ultimate differentiator.
Technology media and telecomms | ISG

Technology, media and communications

Smarter buildings for a connected world. As forward-thinking and agile as the organisations that occupy them.


Sustainable Buildings | ISG
ISG's latest research and insight report

Establishing a purpose-driven way to measure the true value of property.

We all have a role to play in creating a sustainable society that delivers value and equity for all. Our carbon targets might be ambitious, but they’re absolutely essential.
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Mark Cesenek

Mark Cesenek

Managing Director, Logistics & Distribution

Zoe Price

Zoe Price

Chief Executive Officer