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Our latest research and insight report is changing how we visualise economic growth and opportunity across the UK, and is the starting point for a conversation that should prove transformational for communities the length and breadth of our nation.

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The 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value' report will help to recognise the impact of government policy decisions and prioritisation from similar regional experiences.
If we understand what is happening organically and recognise what is working for our communities and planet then we can accelerate this levelling up journey much quicker – we can focus our collective energies in the areas that have the greatest benefit for talent and inward investment, creating a fairer and more resilient UK.

“Having this framework at the early investment appraisal stage is brilliant, and helps give a language and a metric to the key issues and ESG considerations that we are trying to bring upfront to the beginning of a project.” 

Helen Sturdy, Head of ProCure23 Framework and Construction Lead, NHS England

Watch our live webinar 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value - a public sector perspective'.

On Tuesday 28 February we hosted a live webinar to discuss ISG's latest research and how it can help to support planning strategies, stimulate the share of best practice, encourage collaboration, and provide direction for the skills pipeline. Read the full summary here.
Chaired by ISG's Colin Hamilton, Senior Director - Health, we were joined by:
  • Miriam Ozanne, Regional Director, AECOM
  • Ross Wood, Group Head of Sustainability, ISG
  • James Foley, Commercial Director, Alliance Leisure
  • Neal O'Leary, Programme Director, Welsh Government
  • Helen Sturdy, Head of ProCure23 Framework and Construction Lead, NHS England
  • David Salmond, Director Major Programmes and Projects, Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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Public sector webinar panellists| ISG

Highlights of ISG's latest webinar discussing the 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value' research from a public sector perspective.


Road next to CISL construction site with people walking along pavement. Branding reads 'This is not your average building, but it needs to be'.

World-first sustainable office retrofit for the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), The Entopia Centre, Cambridge

Our industry experience

Public sector organisations are under pressure to build legacy into their places and systems, maximising the value of public funds by accommodating both current and future needs. 
North west construction hub | ISG

ISG secures re-appointment to North West Construction Hub high value framework

Partnerships between the public and private sector are reaping rewards as we work with developer partners and local authority clients to capitalise on government funding support for decarbonisation.

Oak cancer centre, London, UK

The £50m Oak Cancer Centre is a striking new building, at the gateway to the world-renowned cancer hospital and research centre
Sustainable cycling | ISG

Britain's sustainable cycling future on track 

A full-scale modernisation and operational performance works are being undertaken at one of the world’s busiest velodromes. ISG's Richard Smith explores what steps are being taken to ensure carbon reducing methods are being used at every step of its journey.
RAF Air Cadet | ISG

From adventure sports to flight sergeant... life as an RAF Air Cadet has reaped the rewards for Laura.

Laura Dawes, Proposals Coordinator, Bradford, UK
Public sector construction | ISG

126 reasons why we should get excited about alliancing

Through collaboration, our industry can work more innovatively and effectively and so rise to some of society’s greatest challenges, says ISG’s Craig Battye.

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Today’s spaces are about more than bricks and mortar. Within their walls lie challenges around certainty, value for money, efficiency and creating a lasting social impact.

Central and local government

Our vision comes to life through partnership. We build relationships on trust, collaboration and open communication, because it’s the only way to create places as smart and resilient as the people who use them.
Education sector | ISG


Education is getting smarter – teaching spaces need to be flexible, specialised and thoughtful. Whether it’s a school, college or university, we create places that grow with the people that use them
Healthcare sector | ISG


Whether building hospitals, refreshing tired estates or transforming underused spaces into local medical hubs, today’s healthcare environments must be smart, energy efficient and flexible to change. 


Sustainable Buildings | ISG
ISG's latest research and insight report

Establishing a purpose-driven way to measure the true value of property.

We all have a role to play in creating a sustainable society that delivers value and equity for all. Our carbon targets might be ambitious, but they’re absolutely essential.
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Louise Daville

Louise Daville

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