Delivering Microsoft’s ‘New World of Work’ approach at their One Marina Boulevard office.
  • Customer
  • Completion Date
    September 2013
  • Quantity Surveyor
    WT Partnership
  • Value
  • Project Manager
    Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Area
    120,000 sq ft
  • Program Duration
    34 weeks
  • Architect
  • ME Engineer
    Parsons Brinckerhoff


ISG was the main contractor for the fit out of a 120,000 sq ft office space for Microsoft in Singapore; implementing the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions‘ ‘New World of Work’ in which it believes redesigned offices and the latest technology will facilitate even greater flexibility for its staff.

While delivering Microsoft’s new working approach in Singapore, ISG was also delivering the same concept to Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur office spread across two floors totalling 37,000 sq ft. 

The project

The three core dimensions to Microsoft’s ‘New World of Work’ are People, Places and Technology. Microsoft believes that modern society’s mental approach to technology is shifting as new digital tools become commonplace, enabling people to work and communicate in different ways. People are also increasingly working on the move, meaning that they have become more fluid in terms of their physical presence.

Thanks to advances in technology, the idea of the office as the primary work location is being challenged as the idea of being able to work any time, any place and anywhere evolves. Through implementing this new approach to working, Microsoft believes that organisations can manage the diverse range of talents effectively at their disposal, ensuring every employee is empowered to perform to their maximum capability, allowing everyone to contribute equally.

Employees are free to roam the open plan space, finding a new spot to work on a daily basis; staying connected through laptops, smart phones, Lync and SharePoint, and an app that helps them locate colleagues in the office – all of which run on a vast network of Microsoft software. The ratio of desks to people stands at two people to one desk, however the office will have enough room for its staff for the next four years.

A new Microsoft Technology Centre was also developed to include a data centre, mini-theatre, meeting rooms, work areas and consumer "Showcase" space allowing Microsoft to showcase its latest technology and products to its clients in both the work and home environment.