Macmillan Science and Education


A vibrant, state-of-the-art working environment for Macmillan's 1,600 London-based staff.
  • Customer
    Macmillan Science and Education
  • Procurement Route
    Single stage (Regents Quarter); two-stage (Porters Gate)
  • Completion Date
    November 2013 (Regents Quarter); March 2015 (Porters Gate)
  • Quantity Surveyor
    Capita Symonds
  • Form Of Contract
    CT Standard Building Contract without Quantities, 2011
  • Project Manager
    Capita Symonds
  • Area
    84,195 sq ft (Regents Quarter); 72,365 sq ft (Porters Gate)
  • Architect
    Broadway Malyan
  • ME Engineer
    Hilson Moran
Macmillan Science and Education


We provided Macmillan Science and Education group with a vibrant, state-of-the-art facility for their 1,600 London-based staff.

The complex three-phase project, spread across two sites, was completed without disrupting employees’ day to day operations.

Macmillan Science and Education

The project

To support their new vision for flexible and collaborative working, Macmillan Science and Education needed to update their new and existing premises.

We conducted a complex three-phase fit out that included open plan and cellular office spaces featuring vibrant new furniture, new kitchen and dining facilities, installation of a library and a brand new auditorium.

Macmillan Science and Education

Smart technology solutions

The first phase of the project involved fitting out the new Glasshouse premises at Regents Quarter. This space was then used to house staff while works continued at Porters Gate.

Phase two was a complete remodelling of the existing offices at Porters Gate North. The interior was stripped out and refitted, common areas were refurbished and the building’s services were replaced. New plant and polycarbonate roofs were installed throughout to maximise light.

Macmillan Science and Education

Smart technology solutions

The final phase required a complete reworking of Porters Gate South. Significant structural works, including the removal of insulation and piping, and the installation of new services were carried out. The car park was transformed into a new reception area and a suite of meeting rooms.

Cutting-edge audio visual and video conferencing equipment was also installed throughout both buildings, along with other smart technology solutions like Follow Me printing.

Macmillan Science and Education’s new brand identity was brought to life across the buildings through signage and unique commissioned art pieces. The project came to a close with the successful opening of the new Porters Gate South reception area in March 2015.