Strength in team spirit for ISG in Central and Eastern Europe

20 May 2020

Strength in team spirit for ISG in Central and Eastern Europe

Over the past few months, our teams across the globe have been navigating the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Although it has brought forward challenges most people have never faced, we have also seen brilliant moments of creativity, solidarity and innovation.

In contrast to many other industries, we have been fortunate to continue operating safely on many of our sites.

Our teams have stepped up to the challenge of working in new ways, while still following social distancing guidelines and keeping health and safety top of mind.

To keep our sites running in central and eastern Europe, we have equipped sites with information panels featuring tips on social distancing, reminders to frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds and COVID-19 symptoms to look out for. 

In Germany, team meetings are often held outside and our people have been provided with free high-quality fabric breathing masks, which are encouraged for use outside of the workplace.

For those working from home, the team has put together a bank of helpful tips and tools to bring the office into people’s homes. 

Regular updates are provided by the local senior leadership team as well as weekly lunch calls, and commercial director, Michael Schöneich, has been sharing fitness videos to help keep the team fit and active remotely. 

The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) team has collaborated with local food trucks to provide site teams with warm, fresh meals at lunchtimes with all restaurants closed for the time being.

ISG in Frankfurt is also trialling, a cloud-based platform for remote construction site view, using 360-degree panoramic cameras on hard hats and AI-based software. 

The digital tool allows automatic and passive documentation, providing project stakeholders and customers a navigable 360-degree virtual view around the construction site so that we can continue inspections and reviews at a safe distance. 

In what is a difficult time for us all, our people on site, in offices and at home continue to show the care, support and strength in unity that sets us apart as a business. 

A huge thank you to all at #TeamISG – #AllInThisTogether.