Royal Bank of Scotland

We have delivered a diverse range of projects for RBS ranging from £1,000 to circa £35m.
  • Customer
  • Value
    circa £1,000-£35m
  • Program Duration
    4 months


ISG has been a key Tier 1 service provider to RBS for many years and has undertaken a diverse range of projects from £1,000 to circa £35m. In the UK ISG's primary contract is procured through a bespoke sub £10m framework, which was successfully extended in 2012. Now one of seven on the framework, ISG has also undertaken works for larger and more complex schemes won under competitive tender and via the RBS e-bid platform. 

ISG has brought demonstrable efficiency gains to the primary work streams undertaken over the last two years by being the prominent driver of a Supplier Led Delivery (SLD) solution. ISG continue to both lead and develop this approach to the framework programme.


The Project

The projects include retail branches, corporate office, minor works and engineering services.