Gallery_Affordable Housing Norwich

Affordable Housing programme

The construction of new dwellings as part of Norwich City Council’s city-wide urban regeneration master plan.
  • Customer
    Orwell Housing Association
  • Completion Date
    March 2013
  • Value
  • Area
    110,438 sq ft
  • Program Duration
    97 weeks


This project, covering 18 individual sites, was part of Norwich City Council’s city-wide urban regeneration master plan. The scheme comprised the construction of 112 new dwellings on former garage infill sites across the city.

The project

The affordable homes are a mix of flats (57) and houses (55) and all were built using off-site manufactured timber frames, with a number of the properties boasting roof-mounted photovoltaic cells and rainwater harvesting and re-use systems.

Geographically disparate, the new homes have all been designed to reflect the surrounding built environment. Each individual development features specific architectural façade treatments to blend in with existing nearby properties. 


As part of a commitment to skills and training, ISG created a number of employment opportunities within local communities for the duration of the projects.

The homes were designed to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes ‘Level 4’ environmental rating. Whilst on site at Bowers Avenue, SMART metering was used within the site accommodation. This ensured that energy usage was automatically recorded and communicated via hand held display units, enabling energy usage to be controlled, and identifying and eliminating waste. By reviewing site consumption and cost, the site saw a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The flats on Exeter Street (since named Shetland Place) were awarded a Commendation Design Award by The Norwich Society, in the category of Residential Grouped.