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ISG and Stride Treglown's model school template delivers inspirational and cost efficient schools 

Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, ISG and Stride Treglown recognised that every school is different and flexibility underpins our design. The Agilis model school template provides compact and efficient floor plan achieving a 5% reduction over Building Bulletin 99 guideline areas aligned with ESFA requirements.The template, already delivered across several schools in England and Wales delivers modern, dynamic and affordable education spaces.

Agilis combines:

  • 21st century schools ethos
  • Cost efficiency
  • Lean construction

Built on:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of end user requirements
  • Collaboration and team integration
  • Innovative approach to construction solutions
  • Continual development incorporating lessons learned
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What makes the Agilis schools model different 

Value for money

We have successfully delivered a new build adaptable and affordable solution.

New guidelines recommend a 5% reduction in primary school sizes. Our schools achieve this without sacrificing teaching and classroom space through rigorous and efficient space planning.

Standardised designs can still be imaginative and engaging. Experience tells us that this type of simple solution, with its common elements, prefabrication and simple building services, provides the most efficient and sustainable solution.

Increased cost and quantity certainty | Through use of ‘standard’ model provides:

  • Increased certainty in quantities
  • Known cost of components
  • Repetition within supply chain

Increased programme savings | Through use of:

  • Consistent integrated delivery team
  • ‘Standard’ specification and designs
  • Efficient and familiar processes e.g. 4 weeks from Award to Planning submission
  • Continuous improvement and capturing of best practice and lessons learned following each project
Ysgol Nant Talwg Ysgol Dewi Sant Oakfield Primary
£1,700 £1,547 £1,615
54 weeks 44 weeks 43.8 weeks


We recognise that when it comes to building schools, one size does not fit all.

Alongside each local authority’s education vision, every school has its own, unique identity. Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, we recognise that every school is different, whether that relates to its physical constraints, number of pupils, or its teaching and learning style, and that for a school building to work effectively it needs to be appropriate for its environment.

Our approach focuses on various options that can be tailored to suit the site context, school priorities and available budget, giving the end users some control over the design of their new environment. The regular structural grid means that the building can be easily extended, ensuring the school is future proofed for further expansion.

Variant models available of different Agilis types including:

  • Single storey 1FE (YGNT & YGDS)
  • 2 storey 1 FE (Oakfield Primary)
  • Single storey 2FE
  • 2 storey 2 FE
  • 2 storey 3 FE

Accelerated feasibility study | a simple red line drawing from a customer can result in a cost plan & indicative layouts, plans & elevations being available in just a few days.


Our approach reflects current education thinking.

Our approach reflects current education thinking as we know how important a good design and quality build is to create inspiring, successful and robust primary school environments.

It delivers engaging and durable spaces that provide safety and security, warmth, comfort, good acoustics and sensory stimulation.

We provide excellent environments for optimising learning performance developed around naturally list and ventilated teaching spaces. Materials are chosen where possible for their sustainable credentials, and the highly insulated envelope reduces the building’s energy consumption.

The advantage of a proven solution delivered by an established team is the regular ‘lessons learned’ workshops which give opportunities to refine the design from one iteration to the next.

Mark Dent Cambrai Primary School | ISG

Mark has the privilege of working with families’ most precious possessions every day. It’s a privilege he will never take for granted.

Mark Dent, Executive Headteacher, Cambrai Primary School, Catterick, UK

Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant - Agilis schools | ISG

Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan

Oak Field Primary School - Agilis schools | ISG

Oak Field Primary School, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Ysgol Nant Talwg - Agilis schools | ISG

Ysgol Nant Talwg, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

St Martins Primary School - Agilis schools | ISG

St Martin's Primary School, Cranbrook, Devon

Jennett's Park Primary School - Agilis schools -|ISG

Jennett's Park Primary School, Berkshire

Amesbury Archer Primary School - Agilis schools | ISG

Amesbury Archer Primary School, Salisbury