You’re Wellcome! ISG delivers ten out of ten datacentre

01 April 2019

ISG delivers ten out of ten datacentre

ISG’s science and health team has been awarded a perfect score of 10 (out of 10) during a recent customer experience (CX) survey with Cambridge’s world-renowned Wellcome Genome Campus.

Our work with world-leading institutions in life sciences and research has helped us create innovative research and development hubs for businesses and people to thrive.

One of these companies is the global charitable foundation, Wellcome, where our Engineering Service team delivered the final quadrant of the existing datacentre on the Sanger Institute campus – famous for mapping the first human ‘reference’ genome.

The post-completion CX survey was completed with Duncan Parsley, capital projects director at Wellcome Sanger Institute, who showed his appreciation by awarding our team an exceptional score of 99% overall.

Duncan praised the project team at the campus for maintaining high standards of quality with “installation, information provided and communication”. 

He added that “ISG became part of the fabric of the campus, providing the right level of expertise and a very high standard of site set-up.”

To hear more from Duncan, you can watch his client testimonial here:


The recognition supports our ‘All 4 by 24’ corporate strategy and goal of providing the best customer experience in our industry; before, during and after project delivery. 

We use these surveys to establish what we’re doing well and where we need to improve, as well as celebrate successes and share customer insight.

Preconstruction director, Paul Dickson, said: “Our datacentre delivery credentials proved key in our appointment on the campus, delivery and commissioning, and the success of the project. 

“We’re looking to continue this fantastic work and play a future role in the ongoing success of the campus and its important global research projects.”

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