Taking our place; ISG steps up to support a new digital Academy in the North West

03 June 2020

Taking our place; ISG steps up to support a new digital Academy in the North West

We are delighted to be supporting PLACED as one of its sponsors, as it launches its digital PLACED Academy to provide online opportunities in the built environment for young people in response to Covid-19.

Liverpool-based social enterprise PLACED has made the shift to a digital format for 2020-21 in response to the current Covid-19 crisis, when supporting young people in taking positive steps towards their future is more important than ever. 

The digital Academy is a free to access, creative programme about the built environment for 14-18-year olds.

The Academy is designed to tackle the barriers that young people face in accessing professional careers in the built environment. 

It seeks to support greater diversity in the sector, enable participants to develop their skills and confidence and empower them as active members of society. 

It is being delivered in partnership with the University of Liverpool School of Environmental Sciences, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the Regenda Group, along with sponsor support.  

Available to students across the North West of England and further afield from July 2020, the ten-week digital programme will give 30 young people the opportunity to participate in an exciting programme of activities about the built environment, with online workshops, tutorials and guidance from industry mentors. 

PLACED Director, Jo Harrop, says: “At PLACED, we believe creative learning is an invaluable tool in developing young people’s confidence, self-belief and skills. Making the built environment the focus of this creativity means we can create empowered young citizens who know their view matters and that they have the potential to shape the places in which they live. 

“We also believe it is a priority to support young people under-represented in the built environment in accessing the sector: whether young women, those from black and ethnic minority communities and those from less privileged areas. Only by supporting greater diversity through education can we create better, stronger and more understanding communities who can make a difference.” 

ISG’s head of social value, Fozia Parveen, adds: “Encouraging the brightest and best young talent to build a rewarding and fulfilling career within the built environment sector is critical to the future prosperity of our industry. For a sector that is fundamental to our health, wellbeing and way of life, we often fail to properly articulate the wealth of opportunities that exist for aspirational young people, especially those with limited direct connections to the industry through family and friends.”

ISG and PLACED have worked together previously, most notably on the World of Work Experience (WOWEX) programme which gives students a taste of life in the construction industry. 

Taking our place; ISG steps up to support a new digital Academy in the North West

Over five days, groups take part in a series of activities designed to highlight the full spectrum of career opportunities within construction management and introduce real-world tools and techniques. 

Launched in 2017, the initiative was established with support from the Construction Industry Training Board’s (CITB) funding for innovation. 

ISG worked with PLACED to design, develop and deliver a course of engaging activities, and the initiative has now reached over 200 students.

To find out more about the PLACED digital Academy and to get involved visit the PLACED website. Applications are open until 30 June 2020.