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The UK Fit Out team, on site for one of our global social technology clients, deliver a Christmas cheque for the staff and pupils of Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children.

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Can you imagine not being able to communicate fully with your child? Can you envisage not being able to share jokes, tell stories, share your knowledge and values or to be able to reassure your child when they are worried or upset? This is a reality that faces many deaf children and their families.

The UK Fit Out project team supported local Kings Cross school, the Frank Barnes School, fundraising to help support the school’s Home School Communication project.

The Home School Communication project seeks to support the families of deaf children in learning sign language, to enable them to have better communication with their child.

UK Fit Out project manager, Oliver Day, spearheaded the initiative with apprentice construction manager, Hollie Bennett, raising over £15,000 with the help of the wider site team and sub-contractors. Hand delivering the cheque to the school, the team were pleased to spend the morning getting to know the children and learning some basic sign language with them.

"My family can sign with me at home now. I can tell them things and they understand. This makes me happy."

Pupil at Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children

Hollie commented: “The whole experience was amazing. I was so pleased that we could meet the children and deliver the donation to the school in person. You could really see how grateful the children and teachers were, it was humbling to be able to do this for them.”

With the help of the project’s subcontractors and donations from family and friends at ISG and beyond, Oliver, Hollie and the rest of the site team managed to smash their £15,000 fundraising target. Receiving donations for various charitable events – from hair raising fundraisers, to virtual walking challenges.

Divisional director on the project, Andrew Sheppard, said of the fundraiser: “I felt really proud of the team for supporting such an important cause. It was amazing to see what an impact this money will have on the children and the staff alike. I would like the thank my team for organising this, I know this will bring a lot of joy to the children and their families this Christmas.”

We recently returned to the Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, to visit the amazing staff and students we worked with. Watch the clip to learn more about our experience and what we're looking forward to in the future of our partnership:
Frank barnes school teacher and ISG employee having a conversation in a school classroom
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