ISG gender pay gap report 2018

ISG welcomes the UK Government’s legislation to publish its annual gender pay gap data and shares its strategy to addressing the imbalance.

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ISG gender pay gap report 2018

ISG has published its gender pay gap report today in line with the UK Government’s legislation. 

The gender pay gap highlights the imbalance of men in senior, higher-paid roles when compared to women, and publishing the data plays a key role in accelerating the closure of the gap. 

ISG is pleased to announce that the business has seen an improvement against the 2017 gender pay gap results. 

ISG’s improvement is a testament to the work being done across the business, supporting its ‘reaching for balance’ diversity strategy. 

In 2018, ISG developed and launched the Level 3 Professional Construction Practice (PCP) qualification and joined the 5% Club – a pan-industry, employer-led organisation which aims to increase the employment and career prospects of today’s young people and formalises our commitment to increase the gender and ethnic diversity of people working in our business. 

We’ve also appointed more women to the global leadership team, significantly improved the gender balance on our 10-person strong Executive Committee, and earlier this year, Jane Falconer was appointed to the Stat Board in the role of chief HR officer.  

ISG CEO, Paul Cossell, commented: “I truly believe that the diversity of new talent makes us better, and the gender pay gap report is a welcomed moved from the Government and provides a real wake up call to every business leader that they must work harder to address gender imbalances. 

“While as individual organisations, we have the mechanisms to positively affect behavioural change and make our businesses more inclusive and diverse places to work, our industry needs to collectively work harder to positively change the conversation and perception of careers in the built environment.”

ISG’s chief HR officer, Jane Falconer, added: “We need to set the conditions for a balanced workforce at every touchpoint – so engaging with pupils, teachers and parents at a much earlier stage, actively supporting and engaging with STEM subjects in school, looking outside our industry for inspirational leaders and become much better at explaining why the built environment is a home for aspirational and talented individuals, regardless of gender.”

ISG’s 2018 gender pay gap

ISG ISG 42.8% 41.9%

ISG Construction Ltd 31.5% 34.6%

ISG Retail Ltd 35.5% 36.3%

ISG Central Services Ltd 32.9% 15.5%

The calculations have been made based on remuneration data from April 2017 to April 2018. 

Click here to read ISG’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 – Reaching for Balance

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