Celebrating success with our 10th WOWEX programme

20 September 2019

ISG’s World of Work Experience (WOWEX) programme is celebrating the intake of over 130 learners, after the most recent session, held in Aldgate, London.

Developed as part of ISG’s commitment to leave a lasting legacy in the communities in which it works, the week-long programme sees students gain a taste of life in the construction industry.

The most recent session saw 17 pupils aged 15-17 from several different schools and colleges covering 15 of the 33 London boroughs (including City of London), spend five days following the process of tendering for a project to final pitch, with a visit to a live construction site as part of the programme.

Students visited ISG’s head office in Aldgate for a week-long programme of activities, including a site tour to the City of London, Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI), a project which will create a new school, nursery facility and a 14-storey residential tower that includes the demolition of an existing one-storey school, community centre and associated buildings.

  • 88% of students who participated in the Aldgate programme strongly agreed they learnt a new skills / knowledge.
  • 62% of those who participated felt they knew more about the construction industry.
  • 42% increase in students wanting to pursue a career in the construction industry.

Jillian Lillico, social value manager for ISG, commented: “WOWEX offers students a unique insight into our industry, and most importantly, gives an insight to the full range of career opportunities on offer. It’s great to see first hand how the programme can open doors for students who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to our exciting industry.”

Overall, 66% of students who have participated in the WOWEX programme have agreed that they would consider pursuing a professional career in construction, and this year #TeamISG has welcomed four new apprentices into employment from the programme.