A speed-to-market approach to datacentre delivery

05 June 2019

A speed-to-market approach to datacentre delivery

To celebrate the launch of Datacloud World Congress today, ISG’s chief executive, Paul Cossell, features in an exclusive article with the leading datacentre publication, Data Economy.

The article titled: ‘Speed to market: A responsive solution to capacity demands’ (p24/25), looks at the future for datacentres and how contractors can provide a more responsive solution that brings resilient capacity online quicker.

“It’s a space race out there as our data demands exponentially rise with the passing of each month,” says Paul. 

“The major problem we face is simply the disconnect between the pace of this consumption and our ability to build the physical infrastructure that supports our daily online existence.”  

At ISG, we have a distinctly different approach to working with our customers – based on trust, expertise and deep-rooted sector knowledge that drives innovation and efficiencies.

Paul discusses talks about getting closer to the customers and moving away from a transactional relationship to a meaningful partnership, while also bringing your supply chain into the decision-making process earlier.

Paul adds: “When programme, not cost, becomes the key driver, innovation is given a platform to thrive.

“Bring your supply chain into discussions earlier in the process and listen to them, rather than asking them to do the impossible with minimal budget, and you unleash innovation, new ideas and bold new concepts.”

Follow the link to read the full article, ‘Speed to market: A responsive solution to capacity demands’ (P24/25)’. Please note the article may only be available for registered users.