A sound attention to detail

Divisional director, Steve Makris, talks positive disruption in the industry and UK Fit Out's acoustic testing offer.

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A sound attention to detail

Divisional director, Steve Makris, talks positive disruption in the industry and UK Fit Out's acoustic testing offer....

Positive disruption from emerging technology is coming and, in its wake, is an opportunity to embrace new ideas and concepts that will continue to define the construction industry for years to come. 

Understanding the level of criteria required in high-quality, corporate offices – particularly in legal sectors and in heavily cellularised office environments – is critical in the UK fit out sector. But are we as an industry embracing new ideas quickly enough?

Our UK fit out team have tasked themselves with applying this thinking to their delivery and have formulated acoustic testing – a service opportunity that had remained relatively stagnant by main contractors until this point. The team went against the industry norm and purchased high-quality acoustic instrumentation to test the acoustic performance of the spaces we deliver and enhance the delivery of its live office projects in London. We have, very importantly, have their method of testing accredited by acoustic sound and vibration consultants, Sandy Brown. 

The team recorded a series of sound measurements initially across multiple projects within the cluster. One of these including a recently completed office fit out for a confidential, leading banking client based at One King William Street, London, which helped ensure any potential acoustic issues were identified at the earliest possible stage. 

Industry approved

Having worked closely with acoustic sound and vibration consultants, Sandy Brown, on the project, consultant partner, Stephen Stringer, shared his experience of working with #TeamISG. “ISG’s attention to detail and consistency of workmanship was continuously demonstrated throughout the project. The pre-testing carried out by ISG allowed Sandy Brown’s engineers more time to focus, so limited independent testing could verify the set of results on behalf of the client and reduced snagging time during the completion stages of the project.”

The added value

The benefits have been widespread with clients so far and this initiative is a great example of our team being bold and thinking differently. With our corporate strategy focused on providing the best customer experience, this intuitive way of working is testament to our collaborative approach to continually improve London’s workspace environments.

Our ability to deliver reliable acoustic performance to any office space should be second nature. It's a crucial element to any successful office environment and our clients should have trust in their chosen partner to deliver this reliably.



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