A fitting response to save lives

18 May 2020

A fitting response to save lives

Our science and health team has supported the fight against Coronavirus by supplying our healthcare provider client, Spire Healthcare, at its hospital in Bushey, with a total of 14 critical Fit Testing Kits to ensure life-saving emergency operation procedures have still been able to go ahead.

The kits have allowed theatre teams at the hospital to provide life-saving emergency cancer and time critical procedures that help support the influx of patient numbers at nearby general hospitals.

This follows the decision to move cancer and heart operations over to Spire Bushey, so nearby hospitals such as Watford General Hospital and QEII Hospital can free up more capacity to provide Covid-19 patients with the treatment they need.

Senior construction manager, John Canny, said: “When I received the phone call from the head of Hertfordshire Nursing thanking ISG for providing the emergency kits, it really brought home that without these kits, Spire Bushey would not have been able to offer urgent cancer and heat operations to those in need.”

The team fully embraced ISG’s ‘Always care’ value, working closely with the LLS and Construction Logistics Group, who provided and delivered four kits for a vital operation to take place the next day, and manufacturer, Bryson, which sent a further seven kits to the hospital.

Paul Sharp, divisional director for our science and health team, said: “When John Canny rang me to say that Spire had reached out for PPE, we quickly moved to source the face fit kits – vital cancer operations happened as a result of John’s work to provide the kits within 24 hours. 

“We’ve received messages of thanks from the family members of the people who have had operations as a direct result of the PPE. 

“This truly is a ray of sunshine at a dark time and epitomises our value of ‘Always care’."

Hospital director at Spire Bushey Hospital, Lisa Trybus, said: “This really is incredible as these kits have been like gold dust across the country. 

“I’m so proud to have had you all helping us – this will make a tremendous difference to all our hospitals and many NHS patients will be able to have their urgent cancer surgery in our “clean” hospitals in the coming weeks because of the incredible effort you have all personally put in. 

“Thank you. #AllInThisTogether.”