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Delivering projects recognisable by their scale, complexity and impact. Our integrated approach ensures performance for our clients and significant benefit to local communities. 

The hyperscale project is recognisable by its scale, complexity and impact - bringing significant benefit to the local community by creating livelihoods. It’s a project where traditional delivery models no longer work - it demands a different, more integrated and collaborative approach.

Our clients trust us to understand and respond to this, delivering with expertise and at pace in challenging environments. We pride ourselves on the relationships and strategic partnerships we build, supported by trusted supply chain partners who provide bespoke solutions from years of expertise.

We work tirelessly to consistently deliver future-proofed buildings using innovative solutions – no matter the scale.

  • Peter Millett

    Peter Millett

    Managing Director, Hyperscale

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Central and local government and NGOs


Datacentres, media or electronics facility

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Technology, media and communications 

Specialists in delivering dynamic, highly-engineered spaces

Our reputation has been forged on our ability to deliver dynamic and highly-engineered spaces across multiple sectors. We bring people together in high- performing environments, backed by deep-rooted sector expertise. 

From high-tech manufacturing – industrial, pharmaceutical, automotive and energy – to tech, media and communications, and justice, we see the value beyond the buildings we deliver; our vision is to help our clients and their communities thrive. 

To bring certainty to client investment decisions and add true value, we collaborate from project inception, working together to achieve a common goal; from planning and design through to delivery and operation. Environmental and social impact is front of mind along with the highest quality standards. 

An integrated delivery partner

Successful hyperscale projects can only be achieved through a fully-integrated approach to delivery with the right level of collaboration; proven across our project experience, with these leadership behaviours brought to the forefront for our clients. 

The exceptional ambition, scale and complexity of hyperscale projects creates a unique set of delivery challenges. Potential obstacles include navigating multi-stakeholder investment models, complexities of planning permissions, and pre-empting potential causes for delay. Large-scale projects may face funding uncertainty, delivery risk, remote locations, regulation and significant constraints. Delivering client outcomes therefore requires a more holistic approach. 

As an integrated delivery partner, we are committed to ensuring our client’s ultimate performance metrics are realised. We have designed a service offering that allows us to work across the entire project lifecycle. We can deliver design management expertise, estimating, pre-construction, construction delivery and facilities integration, giving our clients the confidence that their project objectives will be achieved.

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ISG completes work at £50m Jaguar Land Rover Halewood plant

ISG has completed work on JLR Halewood’s new 32,000 sqm Body Construction extension, which is an important milestone on Halewood’s journey to become JLR’s first all-electric production facility.

Our supply chain 

Our robust supply chain plays an essential part in this, operating at a strategic level, and ensuring engagement across the considerable lifecycle of a hyperscale project. We are uniquely placed to nurture the interface between all parties to find bespoke solutions. This is fundamental to our approach; we see beyond a project to the start of a rich partnerships. You can read more about our supply chain function here.

Facilities integration

We understand the importance of functionality and take an inside out engineering approach; recognising that a building exists to support a process or function, with the key component being the integration of the facilities within. This process not only helps to identify and resolve potential issues before they emerge; it also creates opportunities to add value, removing risk and uncertainty in the process. We have created the capability within our team to allow us to work right through to the delivery of operational readiness of new build facilities. 

UN Compact

Stepping onto the world’s stage, Kajal, Ollie, Poppy and Rosie have come far. Their audience? The United Nations.

Kajal Parekh, Ollie Kent, Poppy Cunningham and Rosie Maxwell, UN Summit, New York, US

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