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Logistics and distribution

Retail’s ‘need for speed’ is increasingly becoming a defining competitive advantage. Speed-to-market is the ultimate differentiator.

Whether it’s a developer looking for certainty in their investment, or an occupier that needs to mobilise to protect revenue, we understand the challenges our clients face and how to overcome them – delivering perfectly designed, sustainable spaces, while achieving optimal speed-to-market and protecting investments from the outset.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have delivered over 10 million square feet of logistics and distribution spaces throughout the UK and Europe for some of the world's largest online brands.

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    Barry Perkins


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Ensuring speed to market, every time

It’s vital for occupiers to enjoy trading as soon as possible, and for owners and developers to realise maximum returns on their investment – on time. We know that with these highly automated, complex buildings, the fit out is as crucial as the frame.

As a delivery partner with deep-rooted experience delivering in live, challenging environments, we apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) across all disciplines to model, design and resolve potential issues virtually. We also help co-ordinate early access for the fit out phase, compressing the length of the programme and ensuring the shortest time-to-tenant access possible.

Nurturing a collaborative developer and end user interface 

Change, speed and agility underpin the retail sector. Maintaining an unwavering focus on and being responsive to end user requirements is crucial for much-loved brands. We understand how tech-led, hyperscale facilities operate, and by putting our client’s customers at the heart of each project, we deliver spaces which are perfectly designed for what they need.

We support the relationship between developers and retailers, and our deep understanding of both parties puts us in the perfect position to nurture a collaborative and cohesive interface. Thinking ahead is an essential part of what it means to be both an investor and developer, and we know how important it is that assets deliver healthy returns while delivering value for the communities in which they exist.

Consistency and assurance across borders

As customers grow more comfortable with omnichannel shopping, and increasingly want brands to speak to them with the same level of relevance wherever they are, retailers must ensure the same brand experience across their global touchpoints – including online channels, physical spaces and product distribution.

Our consistent delivery across geographies makes us the partner of choice for multi-national and local businesses, but not everything about us is predictable. We are known for our innovative approach and commitment to a more sustainable future, as well as our deep understanding and love of the retail industry. Our project with Bericote Properties and Tritax Symmetry is testament to how we support brands to deliver a sustainable legacy, raising the bar on energy efficiency and maximising social value in communities.

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