Arup, 80 Charlotte Street, London, UK

A leading sustainable delivery for one of the world’s most well-respected consultancies.
  • Customer
  • Completion Date
    January 2022
  • Area
    52,000 sq ft


Arup is a leader in the consultancy space, and its people are the masters of delivering design, engineering, project management and architectural services for the built environment.

ISG has partnered with the consultancy giants to transform the 80 Charlotte Street headquarters, delivering a forward-thinking space with an industry-leading sustainable offering.

The project

At the heart of the design sits the business’ outstanding sustainability offering driven by an array of environment-focused features. All contributing to its unique position as the first London office building which has a full carbon benchmark on fit out.

Arup has also set high standards to never go back to the old ways of working, redefining the purpose of what the office is about in a post-pandemic world.

As a knowledge-based, creative company at heart, it is important to Arup that its people have the space to collaborate, and to educate and support one another. The full scale fit out now offers a more modern and collaborative space that welcomes every style of working, for the employees who call it home.

The smart building design

A futureproofed estate needs a state-of-the-art technological offering. And through the utilisation of smarter building technology and software, the performance of the space has been optimised to support a more sustainable future.

With the smart building design holding the key to driving efficiency, the project is exemplar of a new era of workplaces that is designed around purpose, people and environmental performance. A few of these efficiencies include:

  • Over 5,000 QR codes added to mains sockets, to facilitate an easier and more innovative mode of tracking the type, make and warranty of every electrical output.
  • An auditorium space that has been cleverly developed to function as both an event space, and as a space for collaborative working.
  • Instruments have been installed to monitor health and environment factors, such as air quality and CO2 levels.
  • The acoustic installation has been designed and managed carefully to ensure that – what should be an echo heavy space – offers more sociable acoustics.

“ISG was appointed after a very competitive tender process on their high ability to install cutting edge Smart designs, and the quality of the team proposed. The delivery process was complex, but the input from ISG remained collaborative and focused throughout – I greatly enjoyed the experience of working with the team there. Arup is very proud of the completed office space, recognised globally as a landmark in the evolution of the office space of the future. We’ve been through a lot on this project, but I think the end product is a huge indicator of success for us both.”

Tim Chapman, Director, Arup


When it comes to sustainability, Arup’s HQ is a standout space.

The whole building has been meticulously developed in an all-electric design and with a low-carbon tariff, making it the lowest carbon building in operation in London. And by combining the CAT A and CAT B fit out, the delivery of the space ensured there was no waste.

With regards to the design of the interiors, such as the grand staircase, Arup has made the right and sustainable choice – not the easy choice. Ensuring that all timber has been responsibly sourced and repurposed.

Following the development of the space, a carbon audit was undertaken on every element, making it the first audit on a new fit out in London that works out what the carbon impact of the fit out is.

A unique partnership

Following an unprecedented termination of the original contract as a direct impact of COVID-19, restarting the whole programme has required both parties to deal with a huge amount of change.

During a time that revolutionised the way we view office spaces and working environments, a uniquely cohesive and humane approach to construction, and specifically shared risk, took place as two teams became integrated as one in delivery of the scheme.

Both Arup and ISG cohesively kept a neutral and on-market base point, alleviating traditional risk pricing during such a turbulent socio-economic climate. The mutual willingness to be agile and adapt reflects the trust Arup and ISG have in one another and has helped strengthen the foundations for a successful and long-term partnership based on trust and collaboration.