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The disruptive CX mindset

At ISG, delivering an exceptional customer experience is our top priority. To consistently achieve this goal, we've implemented a robust Customer Satisfaction (CX) Reviews program. This initiative enables us to gather valuable feedback from customers at different project stages, enhancing their overall experience.

The Journey

Our customer relations journey starts with a Kick-Off interview, initiating a personal dialogue to understand their unique project requirements and expectations. During this process, a member of the project team collaborates with the client to align our efforts with their vision, ensuring promise delivery.

As projects progress, a Midway interview evaluates progress and satisfaction, addressing any concerns or issues that may have arisen. Feedback is relayed to our global team for monitoring. Immediate corrective measures are taken to enhance the experience.

Upon project completion, a Completion interview identifies final hurdles and measures the effectiveness of Midway review actions in improving the client’s journey. Analysing the received feedback allows us to identify trends, celebrate successes, and make improvements.

ICD Brookfield Place credit Nigel Young Foster + Partners

ICD Brookfield Place credit Nigel Young Foster + Partners

Lifetime Value

Our CX Reviews program focuses on the long-term lifetime value of our customers. A key priority for us, is to learn and understand our customers’ needs before, during and after the project delivery, ensuring that we are identifying lessons learnt, while improving and influencing the way we deliver their spaces. 

Recognizing the ongoing relationship, we seek continuous, unbiased feedback to understand evolving needs and provide better future service. Through this customer journey, ISG remains dedicated to delivering the best experience. Seeking feedback at various stages ensures continuous improvement and meets evolving customer needs. Together, we build lasting partnerships based on trust and exceptional service.

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