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High-tech manufacturing and production

A smarter way to get complex products to market quickly and efficiently, without harming the planet.

Cars, mobile phones, space technology. Whatever the product or industry, we know the pressure of navigating the journey from production to the hands of the customer quickly, efficiently and cost effectively weighs heavily on the minds of high-tech manufacturing brands.

Smart manufacturing environments are key to solving this problem. Put simply, the value of the relationship between the equipment in the space and the fabric of the building itself cannot be underestimated – a smooth product journey, and a sustainable legacy, relies upon it.

  • Robert Letts

    Robert Letts

    Director of Business Development, Middle East

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    Steve Ramsden

    Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Middle East

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Manufacturing meaningful partnerships

We get to the crux of client need early and provide bespoke, data-rich solutions to match. Our tech-led approach connects every corner of the manufacturing environment, ensuring that spaces reinforce production, champion energy-efficiency and epitomise the products at the heart of the brand for years to come.

An entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative culture of innovation is rooted in everything we do. With a wealth of talent and technical cross-sector expertise, we’re a partner first. It means we’re there at every stage of the cycle with our clients and their delivery partners – from land acquisition to post-occupancy – to advise, guide and offer tangible value.

Our teams pride themselves on working with the world’s leading brands to shape an exciting generation of places. From traditional copper craftsmanship to cutting-edge clean room technologies, our industry-leading capabilities have seen us deliver world-class distilleries and partner with the lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Britishvolt, on the UK’s first-ever ‘gigaplant’.

High-tech manufacturing and production projects

Fast-tracking delivery programmes from day one

Construction is under pressure to find smarter ways to build intricate environments and get complex products to market quickly and efficiently. Our unconventional Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology enables us to work transparently as part of a flat-structured leadership team from the start – alongside the client and delivery partners – building trust and collaboration while dramatically reducing risk and delivery times across our large-scale builds throughout Europe.

We support the relationship between equipment providers, process engineers and manufacturing teams through close management of complex service integrations, and with collaboration at heart of everything we do. As a strategic integrator, we use data to increase project predictability, drive efficiencies, highlight programme challenges earlier and present opportunities for swift interventions, while fully integrating the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) with programming and commissioning data.

For us, it’s an evolution from ‘delivery assurance’ to ‘activation assurance’ – the promise that the building and its technology will be fully integrated and functioning from day one. In 2020, we built one of Europe’s longest hyperscale datacentres in a record-breaking 55 weeks, remaining on budget with zero defects.

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ISG's latest report
‘Space to innovate’

ISG's latest research report, 'Space to innovate', reveals a link between built space and innovation, with our research showing that more appropriate space to innovate drives greater levels of innovation. Innovation which leads to more productivity, growth and nationwide prosperity.

Making transformational legacy a reality

We work with our client partners to create places where their people can thrive, deliver performance they can be proud of, support communities who are better for knowing them, and ensure environments are both protected and enhanced.

Our partnership with Britishvolt will see us with see us work together on important Environment, Social Value and Governance (ESG) touchpoints, directly supporting up to 8,000 jobs in the North East, and creating a wealth of training and upskilling opportunities for its local communities.

“We’re delighted to have ISG as the construction partner for our Blyth gigaplant. Its vast expertise of delivering global projects will be crucial in meeting our exacting standards and tight timeframe.” 

Orral Nadjari, Britishvolt CEO

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