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Central and local government and NGOs

Public sector organisations are under pressure to build legacy into their places and systems, maximising the value of public funds by accommodating both current and future needs. 

We approach our public sector work with a legacy mindset. By developing customer relationships built on trust, collaboration and shared vision, we deliver resilient, agile and future-proofed places that surpass expectations and provide long-term economic and social value.

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    Robert Letts

    Director of Business Development, Middle East

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    Steve Ramsden

    Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Middle East

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Working together to deliver legacy 

We have a long history of delivering projects for central and local government, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Together we have delivered a range of schemes including educational spaces, offices, leisure centres, emergency service facilities, justice and defence buildings, and community projects. We understand the pressures government bodies face around funding, internal processes, sustainability targets and delivering impactful social value, and we work with them to find solutions that fit their needs exactly.

With a commitment to securing long-term economic and social value for the people and communities touched by our work, we know how important it is to engage with them directly and set targets based on local needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an increase in need for support from community partners and clients. We evolved our social value offer to deliver creative virtual programmes, working in partnership with community providers to ensure their needs were met – an approach that was commended at the 2021 National Social Value Awards.

Our recent projects

Building for today and tomorrow

Organisational requirements and people’s needs are changing faster than ever before, so it’s vital that publicly funded projects are flexible, sustainable, and secure long-lasting value. By designing and planning for the current and future needs of those who will use the space, we ensure long-term effectiveness and maximum value of public funds – building in resilience and flexibility, leveraging technology and data for better insights, and blending best practice with innovative, sustainable solutions. 

Experience that transcends frameworks

For over two decades, we have been a partner on several influential public sector frameworks. We work collaboratively with local authorities and central government clients – including many public educational institutions as well as other public buildings, and have built a formidable reputation for understanding challenges and presenting the right solutions.

We have consistently done this throughout our work with the DfE. By pooling learnings from consultants and supply chain partners, we have created a suite of standardised components that enrich learning environments and deliver on cost and sustainability. By transferring and replicating proven techniques and processes, the model speeds up pre-construction, avoids delays during the design phase and improves programming.

Find out more about our current public sector framework partnerships here.

Fast, future-proofed modular builds

When time is limited and expectations are high, modern construction techniques can provide the solution. We can offer a modular prefabricated construction method, designing and installing smart, flexible environments quickly, no matter how complex the needs, integrating bespoke end user requirements into each space. 

The best of both worlds

We have developed a number of public/private partnerships over the years, using our combined expertise to ignite better outcomes. Our relationship with Alliance Leisure – a partnership which spans over 25 projects, many of which have been delivered through the UK Leisure Framework (UKLF) – is responsible for revitalising existing local authority leisure amenities to a standard rivalling those in the private sector. 

In the UAE, we also have had close relationships with numerous public organisations, where we have had repeatedly completed works for the same clients, including the University of Birmingham and Zayed Sports City Stadium.

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