Expo 2020 Jamaica Pavilion by ISG

Expo2020 Dubai - Thematic and Country Pavilions

Delivering a record 62 Pavilions within 8 months, supporting Expo's subthemes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability
  • Procurement Route
    Design & Build
  • Completion Date
    July 2021
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Form Of Contract
  • Project Manager
  • Area
  • Program Duration
    18 months
  • Architect
  • ME Engineer

ISG delivered a total of 54 Thematic Country Pavilions as well as a further 8 Country Pavilions that support the Expo’s subthemes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability and are scattered across the entire Expo 2020 site.  These include pavilions for countries from every corner of the world, from Jamaica to Seychelles and Cuba to the Bahamas. 

With different procurement routes such as the traditional fit out of 42 Cat C pavilions, 12 Cat A pavilions being design and fit out, and a further 8 international participant pavilions being design and build, this was a huge project with all forms of procurement routes, in which the team were extremely committed to, allowing ISG to be the predominant contractor of all thematic pavilions at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

ISG delivers fit out for Expo 2020 Dubai
A hydro powered car displayed at the Slovakia Pavilion

Behind The Pavilions

The museum-quality spaces on each of the pavilions demanded exacting fit and finish standards from the team – all backed up with robust state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. 

View the Slovakia Pavilion here
ISG delivers fit out for Expo 2020 Dubai
Interactive floor to ceiling motion-visual display at the Jordan Pavilion

The International Country Pavilions completed by ISG are Slovakia, Georgia, Jordan, Bahamas, Sierra Leone, Andorra, Panama, and Holy See. 

Each pavilion is its own unique design, typical to the country with exhibition features including artifacts, display cabinets, life-size models, visual displays, interactive features, plants, and retail.

The Thematic Pavilions completed by ISG are:

Republic of Burundi | Republic of Tajikistan | Republic of Equatorial Guinea | Macedonia 
Republic of Guinea-Bissau | Commonwealth of Dominica | Republic of Kosovo
Republic of Sao Tome and Principe| Republic of Liberia | Republic of Chad
Republic of Maldives | Kingdom of Bhutan | Republic of Nauru | Libya | Republic of Senegal
Jamaica | 
Republic of the Congo | Comoros | Republic of the Marshall Islands
Barbados | Ethiopia | Republic of Botswana | Uganda | Republic of Madagascar
Seychelles | 
Republic of Nicaragua | Mozambique | Republic of Zambia | Grenada
Cuba | League of Arab States | Djibouti | Rwanda

ISG delivers fit out for Expo 2020 Dubai
At the Seychelles Pavilion, visitors are invited to explore its natural wonders
All 62 individual projects had to be in line with the quality and sustainability expectations of Expo 2020 resulting in a very precise and intense programme.  The fast-track programme saw the extensive use off site fabrication to ensure quality and speed of component delivery and to mitigate the risks associated with the COVID-19 disruption.
ISG delivers fit out for Expo 2020 Dubai
The Andorra Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE


  1. Working closely with 62 individual country representatives on unique design approval
  2. Compliance to the Expo security sweeps (site closures)
  3. Compliance to the inaccessible void program for anti-terrorism
ISG delivers fit out for Expo 2020 Dubai

Solutions we delivered

  1. A dedicated pragmatic in-house design team were assigned 100% to each project
  2. Programmes were rescheduled to avert any loss of time due to any site closures, as a result of Covid-19
  3. In-depth training to the void programme to capture and highlight photographic evidence, with the use of tagging and uploading to the Dome platform provided