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Driving Operational Excellence: Strategies for Continuous Improvement in High-Performing Teams.

In pursuit of our vision to become a leading high-performance organization, we are dedicated to consistently delivering positive outcomes across our project sites.
We have defined four key themes that drive our journey towards achieving high performance:

1. Setting clear performance targets for our teams
2. Enhancing the capabilities of our systems, processes, as well as the knowledge and skills of our workforce and partners
3. Executing these capabilities at the highest level possible
4. Cultivating a high-performance culture within the organization

A crucial element in attaining operational excellence is the application of insights gained from past experiences. Given our positioning as an international business offering a range of services, sharing knowledge plays a pivotal role in our pursuit of operational excellence.

Guided by our core values of Speak Frankly, Always Care, Never Stop Learning and Dream Smart, we foster an environment of open and candid communications. We encourage open discussions about challenges faced and advocate for a transparent approach to learning from past experiences. Through this approach, we empower our teams to address difficulties openly and enable collective growth and learning within our organization.

To effectively monitor our progress, we have established specific tools and processes to gauge our performance. We conduct regular structured lessons-learned meetings where all team members contribute their insights. These meetings allow us to review each project phase comprehensively, identify challenges encountered, and explore opportunities for improvement. Additionally, we acknowledge and celebrate instances of exceptional performance as part of our learning process.

Our relationships with suppliers and supply chain partners are integral to achieving operational excellence. We involve them in the lessons learned process by evaluating their performance at the end of each project. This feedback, which covers both positive and negative reviews, is shared with them for mutual learning and growth. Emphasizing a collaborative approach, we encourage our partners to provide feedback on our team's performance as well, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This strategy helped our team streamline operations, improve efficiency, and mitigate risks. Soliciting feedback from the supply chain partners can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement and help in building stronger relationships based on mutual success and shared goals.

Being a customer-centric business, we place great importance on listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and incorporating their feedback into our lessons learned process. Through a comprehensive customer experience program (CX), we gather feedback at various stages of the project to assess our performance against client expectations. This feedback is shared with the project’s team and the wider business to reflect on our performance and address any shortcomings for future projects.

Effective communication with clients is crucial for project success, ensuring transparency and timely updates on progress, schedules, budgets, and challenges. We use OpenSpace as a reporting tool which provides clients with visibility into their project status, allowing them to query, make informed decisions, and collaborate with the construction team. By using OpenSpace reporting, especially with our overseas clients, we engage clients throughout the construction process, with weekly site progress, building trust and strengthening relationships to deliver successful outcomes that meet their expectations.

In addition to effective communication, prioritizing health and safety measures is essential in our industry. Implementing robust safety protocols, training programs, and monitoring systems creates a safe working environment for all employees and stakeholders. Last year we launched ISG's 'Golden Hour' initiative, and this has further contributed to our learning and improvement efforts, fostering supply chain engagement and enhancing understanding of daily challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, by adopting new data capturing methods and tools, we have been able to mitigate risks effectively. Our proactive and collaborative approach has led to the accomplishment of all group health and safety KPIs, achieving a notable zero Accident Incident Rate, Reportable Incident Rate, and potential severity rate. Additionally, we have exceeded expectations on the proactive safety scorecard, showcasing our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. Through bi-weekly meetings guided by the Quality KPI Dashboard, we have consistently reduced defect closure on projects, emphasizing the importance of early detection and resolution, leading to continuous improvement in defect closure metrics.

By combining insights from various sources throughout a project's lifecycle, we identify areas for improvement and devise action plans accordingly. From refining our tender processes to enhancing customer interactions, we strive to leverage new technologies and sustainable practices to optimize project delivery. Through this iterative process, we aim to learn, evolve, and celebrate successes along the way.

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