Health and safety

Health and safety

Wellbeing, healthier choices, a culture that never stops learning. Health and safety is about so much more than on site safety alone.

We choose to respond differently to health and safety – through continuous learning, communication, and remaining flexible to the challenges that come with changeable times, our approach to health and safety is the secret behind our flourishing people and communities.

Learning from positive outcomes to ensure everyone thrives 

It goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of our impeccable health and safety record. Over the last five years, we have outperformed industry standards across all our sectors and services. Our innovative approach focuses on more than industry standards and procedures – for us that’s a given. We believe that to deliver excellence, we must continuously increase what goes right and improve our understanding. Our specialist team gets close to those doing the work, so they can understand all operational factors – it means that when negative outcomes do occur, we make positive choices about how to respond without letting blame prevent our ability to learn.

Encouraging responsibility and a growth mindset

We apply the same health and safety principles to every project, and are driven to ensure everyone returns home safely every day – both mentally and physically. With our work across construction and fit out – advanced manufacturing facilities, datacentres, logistics and distribution centres, schools, healthcare facilities, large-scale fit outs, and smaller-scale projects – we’re well-versed in managing a broad range of risks. Our health and safety team knows every aspect of our business and the environments in which we operate, and our approach aims for more than compliance alone. We aspire to create an environment of engagement where every employee, client and supply chain partner can participate fully and share their experiences and successes – that way, we all learn.

  • Kelvin Hon

    Kelvin Hon

    General Manager, Singapore

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‘Choose Safe, Choose Health’

We share our approach with colleagues and stakeholders through our ‘Choose Safe, Choose Health’ initiative. We want to inspire people to be aware that an absence of negatives is still an opportunity to learn about what has gone right, and to build on success.

Our four main health and safety themes are:

  1. Discover: understanding work as it’s done, establishing that safety is the presence of positives and not the absence of negatives.
  2. Standardise and develop: improving our group standards and developing our health and safety teams.
  3. Celebrate success and simplify: increasing the number of things that go right and decluttering.
  4. Anticipate and enhance: adopting technology early and benchmarking against the best in the world.

    Key challenges and how we’re addressing them

    Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. We partner with Mental Health UK and other organisations such as the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) to ensure our people have access to training and support, while having opportunities to give back to our local communities . We also run an internal ‘mental health allies’ programme and provide a designated occupational health manager. 

    Using innovation, we strive to make every day safer. Our off-site manufacturing facilities and suppliers help us achieve increasingly safe, efficient, sustainable projects, and we’re increasing our use of BIM modelling to detect and remove risks, early.

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