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High-tech manufacturing facility

Smart buildings and integrated technology, working together. The secret behind a smooth product journey.

Manufacturing environments are multifaceted – they need to be high-tech, fully integrated spaces that enable manufacturers to get complex products to market quickly and efficiently.

  • Kelvin Hon

    Kelvin Hon

    General Manager, Singapore

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Highly engineered solutions for efficiency and flexibility

We have cross-sector national and international experience in designing and building high-tech manufacturing facilities with unrivalled integrated technology capabilities. From complex services integration to warehouse building transformations and the construction of the UK’s first-ever ‘gigaplant’ in Blyth, we draw on our expert talent pool to deliver top quality, large-scale projects across Europe and beyond. With a tech-led approach, we connect all aspects of the manufacturing environment to produce spaces that work smartly and efficiently.

High-tech manufacturing facility projects

Pride in our partner culture

As a trusted partner, we work with our clients from the very beginning – from consultation to land acquisition, through to construction delivery and legacy.

In every design or build project, we strive to add value at every touchpoint. With our people’s knowledge and expertise across engineering, fit-out and construction, we create tech-led environments that deliver on speed, efficiency and flexibility. Our desire to bolster our offering never stops, and we want to continue to attract gifted talent with rich sector experience – it keeps us responsive and further enables us to meet client need quickly.

We’ve been collaborating with a global drinks manufacturer for many years, and recently transformed its production environment into a welcoming, online experience, while also offering the flexibility to invite customers and visitors into its physical space. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation that is alive and well here, rooted in everything we do.

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Bringing pioneering ideas to what we do

We have a proven track record of achieving ground-breaking results in new sectors, and, with our people’s energy and our clients ambition, our engineering-led construction formula continues to evolve. Our agility in the demanding retail industry, and our proficiency in designing and delivering multinational datacentres are just a couple of key attributes we bring to advanced manufacturing facilities. Together with Britishvolt, the UK’s major investor in battery technologies, we are proud to be leading construction of the UK’s first battery gigaplant, a £2.6bn project that brings our engineering, design and construction expertise together in one place.

“We’re delighted to have ISG as the construction partner for our Blyth gigaplant. Its vast expertise of delivering global projects will be crucial in meeting our exacting standards and tight timeframe.” 

Orral Nadjari, Britishvolt CEO

Inspirational environments 

As one of the top deliverers of high-tech, large-scale projects around the world, our work with global brands inspires us to create an exciting new generation of places. We recognise that the fabric of the building must work together with the technology within it to provide a smooth product journey – crucially, it must do so sustainably.

We listen intently to our clients so we can fully understand what is most important to them. By tailoring solutions and harnessing the latest technology, we provide a means to overcome challenges and embed sustainability expectations into our designs.

“The landmark [Britishvolt] project to build the UK’s first gigaplant is one of the most visible signs that we are confidently stepping up to meet the challenge of net zero emissions by 2050.” 

Paul Cossell, CEO, ISG

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