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Whether building hospitals, refreshing tired estates or transforming underused spaces into local medical hubs, today’s healthcare environments must be smart, energy efficient and flexible to change. 

Healthcare provision is evolving rapidly. In a digital world with increasing pressures surrounding cost, efficiency and providing the best possible patient experience and quality care, today’s healthcare environments must deliver better outcomes from every pound invested in the long-term.

It’s a challenge that no NHS, private healthcare provider or framework partner should face in isolation, and it’s something we thrive in – bringing teams together to collaborate on dynamic, highly engineered solutions.

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    Kelvin Hon

    General Manager, Singapore

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A trusted partner from cradle to aftercare

With cross-sector expertise covering the full delivery spectrum, our specialist team works with public and private sector clients and end users innovatively and collaboratively at every stage of the building lifecycle. 

From feasibility to post-occupancy, we use tailored, agile thinking to create places where healthcare provision can flourish long into the future. Our people bring regional expertise to a national offering, and our unrivalled in-house tech capability is revolutionising how healthcare spaces are put together and operated. 

Using data and smart solutions such as 6D BIM, we are revolutionising the healthcare estate by creating digital twins of facilities that maintain themselves through pre-emptive maintenance. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology and virtual reality at Spire’s St Anthony’s Hospital, London, we were able to walk doctors, surgeons and stakeholders through virtual healthcare spaces at the technical design phase, collecting their input on bespoke operating theatre layouts and designs, and collaborative working environments. 

“The project was delivered very well, on time and, importantly, was of high quality. The perception of ISG within Spire is that they are not only the benchmark for delivery, but for providing both good quality and good people. The team offered a very clear level of expertise within the health sector, working collaboratively in design management and ensuring quality of supply chain engagement. Spire would most certainly work with ISG in the future.”

Bilaal Rawn, project manager, Spire Healthcare

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Visualisation - the great communications leveller

Advanced gaming visualisation technology at our £50m Oak Cancer Centre scheme for The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London is helping nurses, doctors and trustees create a world-leading healthcare space that will be transformational for the care given and received.

High-performing facilities for high performers

We understand the need for flexible, cost-effective facilities that attract the best talent. 

This could be a top-of-the-range research facility driving the latest advancements in medical technology – such as University College London’s new £160m home of Neuroscience, where we will install the world’s most advanced MRI scanners – or a flexible large-scale hospital design and construction build at Royal Marsden’s Oak Cancer Centre Trust in Sutton, that will provide outpatient facilities, medical day-care and collaboration space for over 400 clinical researchers.

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Finding a cure for dementia

For long-term client, UCL, we are transforming the former Eastman Dental Institute (EDI) into a new world-leading home for neuroscience in London. The landmark facility at 256 Grays Inn Road, London, will include one of the world's most advanced MRI scanners and bring together over 500 research scientists, clinicians and patients to create a world-class research and treatment environment to tackle neurological health diseases like dementia.

Building high-quality healthcare environments can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Our work with healthcare estates and facilities professionals has seen us use the latest technology to help clients transform existing underused buildings in complex locations into industry-leading healthcare environments. 

We delivered a five-star hotel-quality patient experience at Schoen Clinic in the heart of London using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to design the building, and our ‘Performing Places’ software to monitor performance in the aftercare phase.
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The 'open protocol' revolution

"From these brilliant collaborations we have fast-tracked innovation, and importantly driven efficiencies. By eliminating the need to constantly redesign standard spaces and creating processes to move activities from site to factory, we have bought ourselves time and capacity – both key to delivering the promised infrastructure revolution."
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Healthcare projects

Close-up of windows at Singapore General Hospital Camden Medical centre interior works by ISG

Camden Medical Centre 


A prescription for a long and healthy legacy

The decisions we make today are fundamental. The simple truth is that 40% of the UK’s current carbon emissions are attributable to the built environment and energy consumption levels must be lowered by 80% to achieve Net Zero targets by 2050 – Read more in our Sustainable Buildings Monitor report.

With the healthcare industry and Construction Playbook already on a pathway to Net Zero, it’s paramount that our healthcare spaces are healthy too – future-proofed, accessible and sustainable for many years to come. 

It's why we design and construct differently – making greater use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and a Platform approach for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly and Disassembly (P-DfMA+D). Procuring with whole life costs in mind, designing for deconstruction and recovery through nature-based construction solutions and maximising social value outcomes, we are collaborating with our clients and supply chain partners to drive the correct behaviours that will normalise our pathway to Net Zero.

In our DNA lies a commitment to securing legacies for the communities in which we work, and we’re leading on a brighter, more sustainable future – it’s what makes us unique, and why customers return.

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“To achieve Net Zero targets by 2050, we collectively need to reduce energy use from the built environment by 80%. Technology will certainly play a role, but actually it’s processes, the right forms of contract and quality controls that will prove instrumental.”

Debbie Hobbs, Group Director for Sustainable Business, ISG

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