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Through ISG’s Wide Angle thought-leadership series, we work with some of the brightest minds across the construction landscape and beyond, bringing together leaders, experts and specialists to explore the topics, insights and research that really matter, now and in the future.  


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Space to innovate: A formula for prosperity

Revealing a link between built space and innovation

Skills shortage | ISG

Rethinking the skills conundrum

Connecting the dots between people, place and productivity

sustainable construction | ISG

Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining Value

Why should we establish a new, purpose-driven framework to measure the true value of property?

power of place | ISG

The power of place: The true cost of inaction

We go beyond the workplace to understand the greatest risks to our assets so we can take steps to overcome them, achieve long-term return on investment and mobilise for the challenges of tomorrow.

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