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ISG’s latest study “Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value”

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Why should we establish a new, purpose-driven framework to measure the true value of property? 

After three years of radical global change, our lives are different. The rules of property demand are changing, with less focus on footfall and commutability, and our asset valuation must be as flexible and multifaceted as the market. We can all play a role in creating resilient communities set up for sustainable and ethical growth. With the collective vision for the future uniting around ESG values, inaction or the sole pursuit of short-term gains is no longer a viable commercial strategy. 


ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor looks to create a new framework to identify untapped areas of development opportunity. The study was first conducted for the UK and the results show large differences compared to a regional assessment using traditional parameters: while Edinburgh, for example, achieves an assessment score of 100 taking into account traditional parameters, our new assessment framework results in 60.4. Wales, on the other hand, achieves 33 points more according to the holistic assessment of the Sustainable Building Monitor. This is because the new scoring framework includes population factors and workforce landscape, as well as financial and commercial factors, in addition to environmental and social factors. An individual consideration of the ratings of the individual factors provides information about the development potential of the respective regions.

Road next to CISL construction site with people walking along pavement. Branding reads 'This is not your average building, but it needs to be'.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s new home isn’t your average building. But it needs to be.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), Cambridge, UK

Decision makers in the real estate and construction industry are encouraged to join the discussion and drive the building of resilient communities in the local market.

Developers and asset owners, organisations, and local authority leaders can pivot interests towards flexible, smart buildings with multiple uses and guardians. A new framework, based on long-term ESG fundamentals, will augment the collective balance sheets. Traditional valuation methodologies are evolving, and the advantage now exists for those who take the more holistic view. Benchmarking against ESG criteria naturally leads to a redefinition of the value of property.

Research for 'Sustainable Buildings Monitor: Redefining value' encompassed in-operation performance data, social value, net zero, embodied carbon and circularity measurements, as well as proximity to green energy sources and local labour markets. Using the UK as an example, the research highlights important and untapped opportunities for development. We hope our research will inform future strategic planning.


Download the report now - only available in English

ISG at INVESTMENTexpo on 11-12 May 2023 in Berlin

ISG presented a new framework for evaluating real estate to investors, project developers, credit institutions and architects at INVESTMENTexpo 2023. For the presentation of the second edition of the "Sustainable Buildings Monitor" in Germany, ISG was represented as a platinum sponsor with two exciting panels:
  • David Broussard, ISG's Head of Sustainability International, panel discussion "Solutions for measuring ESG parameters. Data collection, benchmarks, certificates and monitoring" 
  • Alex Radler, ISG's Project Director Berlin, keynote "Achieving the green zero with energy refurbishment; strategies and practical examples on the way to climate neutrality"
Investmentexpo Berlin | ISG Germany

Interview with David Broussard and Alex Radler

In this interview at the INVESTMENTexpo, David Broussard and Alex Radler shed light on the growing importance of ESG criteria in the construction industry. They explain how construction companies can collect data and monitor ESG parameters, and the challenges they face in doing so. 
Read the summary of the event here

Alex Radler

Alex Radler

Project Director - Berlin

David Broussard

David Broussard

Head of Sustainability International

Sustainable Buildings Monitor international research | ISG

The first iteration of ISG's Sustainable Buildings Monitor provides data on the international variations in the carbon emissions and energy consumption due to the operation of commercial buildings.