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Building something special together – Delivering on our vision for 30 years

Under the motto 'Building something special together', we have been realising special places together with our employees, customers and partners since 1992. Join us on a journey of discovery to experience ISG's dynamic evolution in the construction industry from 1992 to today. If you would like to realise a project with us, feel free to contact us with the form below.
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    Michael Schöneich

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The construction industry is entering a bold new era defined by new challenges and novel opportunities. The workplace of the future is changing rapidly to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Since 1992, we have remained committed to supporting our clients through change. Among the key topics that will continue to accompany us over the coming decades are a changing workplace culture, modern office spaces and the growing importance around sustainable drivers.

We’re proud of our journey and growth, which has only been possible thanks to our many loyal employees, customers, and partners. Our ability to work together as we’ve adapted to ever-changing conditions, such as financial crises, changing approaches to work and now a global pandemic is something we can proudly reflect upon. One thing we can be sure of: rising to new challenges and changes has always made us stronger.

Our 30th anniversary campaign is not only an occasion to say thank you, but an opportunity to recognise how past experiences have enabled us to be better positioned for future challenges and opportunities. You are heartily invited to join us on this journey of discovery, which spans our origins in the 90s across Europe to the present day.

Discover ISG's history in the past decades

“At ISG there is a unique mixture of international know-how, local networking and an open corporate culture. A lot has happened at ISG in the last three decades, but one thing has always remained the same: We always focus on people, and that will remain the case for the next 30 years.”

Martyn Peters, Managing Director CEE

Three main pillars vividly illustrate the framework of ISG’s dynamic growth alongside the development of the construction and real estate industry. We will continue to build on these themes beyond our jubilee year as we look forward to the next 30 years.

Build something special

Diversity, agility, flat hierarchies: corporate culture has changed in all sectors. While some construction companies have been stigmatised for lacking dynamism  thanks to our long history in Germany and company-wide global experts, we have been pioneering transformative spaces in alignment with pushing the ambitions of modern corporate culture since our inception.

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The workplace of the future

A workplace exists for its users – before anybody else. A concept we’ve grasped and held true when realising projects from the very outset. Yet, this also means that changes in human behaviour and corporate dynamics will determine the spatial design, and we must be agile enough to respond. Beyond the Covid19 pandemic, there have also been other external factors that have led to new and progressive office design concepts.

Sustainable spaces

Thanks to the growing consciousness and interconnectivity of our society and corporate citizenship, sustainability is ranking at the top of mainstream agenda these days. Nevertheless, 30 years ago discerning organisations were already thinking about how to begin implementing environmentally responsible concepts.

“ISG Germany has undergone an incredible development over the recent years. To survive in a continually transforming dynamic market, we always have to stay one step ahead of our industry and constantly optimise our processes. Thanks to our innovative teams at numerous locations, we have always been able to do this. We have always been and still are eye-level partners for our customers. Many of them are innovation drivers and we are willing to constantly develop alongside accompanying them on this path."

Zoe Price, Chief Operating Officer, ISG

Innovative, dynamic, sustainable: the construction industry through the ages

1992 - 2022: 30 years of quality in our team

Since our emergence until present day, a full-service concept has been at the heart of ISG’s offering. These are not hollow words, despite this approach being unrecognisable throughout Europe at the start of the 1990s. Even today, many still consider it unusual to receive both the planning and construction of a new space from a single source. However, it was precisely this focus on providing a holistic partnership that signified the birth of ISG in Germany. From this moment on, occupying brands were no longer to be merely given space allocated to them by the developer, in fact, quite the opposite. As the ultimate users of the space, it was only logical that occupiers would design their space according to their own bespoke needs. This idea that a developer, their planners and construction companies, would come together to create the building’s shell and collaborate to create spaces with the end-tenants was born in the USA during the 1980’s. The concept then migrated from the USA, spreading to the UK (where ISG is headquartered), and before becoming more broadly adopted in Germany.

ISG still operates in this spirit of partnership today: we will draw up plans for a space, working in close collaboration with both developer and tenant partners, which accelerates the delivery process, building in certainty, ensuring new premises are handed over sooner. Over the years, we have developed a solid network of partners with architects, specialist planners and trades workers. This organisation has formed the foundation for the regionalisation of our business model with branches in Munich, Berlin, and our German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. By acquiring Tecton Engineering, which was recently merged into ISG, we have also gained a foothold in western Germany to better serve our regional audience. 

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Discover ISG's history through the decades

Early 90's - operating in the booming industry

Shortly after ISG was founded in 1992, numerous new construction companies specialising in shell and finishing sprang up. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the establishment of the European Single Market boosted the entire construction industry. Indeed, the 1990s were a booming decade for the entire European construction industry, which was having to suddenly adapt to an increasingly changing and connected world, with clients demanding increasingly efficient solutions to facilitate quicker time frames. ISG experienced steady growth during this time by staying true to our principles. The primary product of end-user driven fit-out remained sharply in focus, as did our commitment to partnership-based relationships ith clients and subcontractors. Among others, our collaborations include successful projects for world-renowned and revered clients such as Microsoft and IWG – clients we continue to partner with internationally today.


2000's - booming business for pioneering technology brands

Our fit out services have been providing innovative  solutions in an increasingly technology-driven world, where the demand for bespoke offices has continued to rise. Aligned on vision, ambition and the early adoption of technology – we were uniquely positioned to service the ‘Big Five’ in the 2010’s and our fit out division has continued to steadily expand to support our partners, even whilst navigating market turbulence such as  that experienced following the bursting of the dot-com bubble.. Still, like the like-minded aspirational organisations we work with, we continued to be a market leader and drove organisational changes and efficiencies to ensure we would be well positioned as we came out of the recession.

 2010's - our fit out projects increase in scale

With continued support from the business and it’s leadership, ISG continued to create high-quality retail and office projects in addition to now delivering logistics, research, and data centres. Although the projects we deliver have become bigger and increasingly complex, ISG has  always maintained our commitment and deep-rooted understanding of end-users needs and ambitions above all else. The continued expansion of online businesses, accelerated delivery timeframes and the increasingly important need for certainty in supporting our partners businesses to thrive have had a significant impact on customer loyalty. Simultaneously, sustainability, including environmental, social and governance, alongside a rising awareness of employee wellbeing, has fuelled the demand to push further in our contribution as an  industry and society. By having integrated these drivers into the heart of all we do and staying dedicated to the spirit of partnership that lies at the heart of our company, ISG has remained a steadfast trusted partner during this period and as we look to a brighter future.

2020's - facing and shaping a new era of spaces that go beyond workspace 

In 2020 the world stopped in its tracks and needed to quickly pivot, as the impact of Covid-19 shook the world. Looking back, as we still continue to adapt to the ebb and flow of the pandemic, ISG is proud of how we have flexibly adapted as we emerge in a bold new world. The outlook for office sector continues to thrive in terms of demand – as our Power of Place research and insight report revealed: respondents remain solidly invested in workplace and have seen quantifiable gains for their people and businesses by investing in quality spaces that support their people. We are equally enthusiastic and steadfast in our commitment to  deliver more sustainable spaces that create value for their occupants as well and wider communities and cities. By investing in resource-saving processes and technologies alongside using sustainable building materials, we are setting an example for the consistent commitment to playing our part in achieving ESG goals and targets across our industry. Our Sustainable Buildings monitor further enables us to better understand how we can boldly step forward on the journey of securing a net zero legacy for our cities, towns, and communities.


Michael Schöneich

Michael Schöneich

Director Pre-Construction