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Customer excellence

Aiming to provide the best customer journey in the industry

We want our customers to receive so much more than a top-quality product alone, wherever they are in the world. With an unwavering commitment to unbeatable service, we want customers to go away having had the best possible experience with us – from the very first day through to project delivery, and beyond.

We surveyed 87% of our projects in 2020. Our unique global customer experience programme collects feedback from these customer surveys – which are broken down to cover all aspects of the client journey – to establish what we’re doing well and where we can to improve.
It helps us maintain a broad perspective, and means we’re not constricted to looking at each project in isolation. Instead we’re able to see the bigger picture and identify trends that will make our customer journeys smoother, and their outcomes better.
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“It is clear that the team thinks in a very customer-orientated way and was inspired by the architecture and complex technical fit out of the project. I really appreciate the ISG team.”

John Lenz, Microsoft Deutschland

Ultimately, understanding how our clients feel about what we do enables us to recognise exactly what they need, and take steps to make it a reality. It helps us improve and delight our customers – and that’s why they come back.
It’s working too. Our Net Promotor Score – an index ranging from -100 to +100 that measures the likelihood of our clients recommending us to others – is an industry-leading +73 (up from +65 in 2019), and our average customer satisfaction score of 89% (2019: 85%) shows that our clients are happy, and we’re living up to their expectations.
With 65% of customers perpetually returning to us (up from 60% in 2019), we’re delivering unrivalled results across our industry.

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