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Retail, hospitality and leisure

Retail, hospitality and leisure destinations must attract customers, embody brand and galvanise unbeatable customer experience – both online and off.

Retail, hospitality and leisure spaces represent the touchpoint between brand and customer. In a competitive marketplace, they must serve a higher purpose than simply housing services.

Our people’s pride in what they do allows us to work flexibly with clients, providing inventive solutions to create exceptional spaces that personify the brands at their heart, appeal to customers and inspire supreme customer experience.

  • Daniel Ngai-Kocher

    Daniel Ngai-Kocher

    Managing Director Switzerland

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Nurturing the brand-customer relationship 

Few sectors are more accustomed to disruption than retail, hospitality and leisure, but these industries are built on a deep understanding of the customer. With each wave of change consumer expectations and trends shift – it means brands need to be agile and flexible enough to withstand global pressures, and think beyond their usual offering to attract people back.
The work that goes into ensuring spaces nurture the brand-customer relationship doesn’t stop. A trusted, responsive partner is essential in a fast-moving industry, where brands must be quick to respond to customer need while having one eye on the future. We’ve helped many retailers with the move to online, having launched a logistics and distribution division that has delivered over 10 million square feet of fulfilment space.

Each interaction creates memories and legacies

Change, speed and agility underpin the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, but one thing remains – customers increasingly want brands to speak to them with the same level of relevance, wherever they are. Whether working with developers, operators or local authorities, we share their ambition to respond to increasingly discerning customers by creating memorable experiences that build loyalty and enrich lives. Whatever the project size, scale or purpose, our vast cross-sector experience and ability to deliver the full spectrum of client needs, quickly, allows much-loved brands to focus on what matters – delighting customers, and attracting new ones through the door.

Hotel guests aren’t the only ones who should sleep well at night 

Great experiences for your customers start with the relationships we cultivate with you. Our people’s pride in what they do and the collaborative approach that underpins our work is the secret behind our enduring relationships. In an industry where customer care reigns supreme, we measure ourselves by the same yardstick, supporting before, during and after project delivery. 
We work with the world’s most recognisable brands. With 85% of customers perpetually coming back, we’re unrivalled in bringing global retail, hospitality and leisure destinations to life.

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