Accessibility statement

We have designed our website to be as accessible as possible regardless of website visitors’ computer knowledge and disabilities.

We aim to provide full accessibility to all content on our website, but please note some older pages may not yet be compatible with all accessibility features. In addition, third-party content (including other websites we provide hyperlinks to) may not be as accessible as our website.

General functionality

We provide the following accessibility functions:

  • A link to this page appears at the foot of every page.
  • By optimising the site for a relatively small screen size (i.e. the website being responsive to screen size), a number of devices can have access, including laptops, tablets, notebooks and some smartphones.
  • Form buttons have a descriptive value and form inputs have associated text labels. Text labels are associated with form input elements. Related form elements are grouped with fieldset. Forms and input fields are labelled and grouped together so that they can be understood by screen readers.
  • A linear text hierarchy has been used throughout and tested both with tables and style sheets turned off; content has been optimised to work with screen readers. The code on pages has been tested to make sure that page content can be read by screen readers in the same order of hierarchy as it appears on the visible page.

Use of images

  • Every effort has been made to provide alternative text for imagery.
  • The site has been designed with enough contrast to be legible on inverted screens.
  • Images can be turned off without losing the ability to navigate the site; the site is structured in a way that a lack of images should not impede understanding of text content.
  • Plain text has been chosen instead of images or script for most content.

Use of multimedia

  • Embedded multimedia is identified via accessible text.

Cross-browser testing

  • Regular cross-browser testing is undertaken with Chrome, FireFox, Safari for MacOS, Safari for iOS, Edge, Internet Explorer 10+, Opera. Operation systems: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS, Android 5+, iOS.
  • The content and functionality has no time limits or constraints.

Enlarging text and images on this site

There are also some services already built in to your computer or mobile device that will make it easier for you to access information our website. The ability to adjust the font size is available for user via zoom in browsers, for example:

  • On a PC, hold down the "crtl" key and, whilst holding, press "+" to enlarge
  • On an Apple Mac, hold down the "Cmd" key and, whilst holding, press "+" to enlarge

This policy was last updated on 14 March 2018.

If you encounter any accessibility issues, or have suggestions for areas we can improve, please contact