Retail - High Street - HSBC


Over the last three years we have established ourselves as the lead contractor for HSBC delivering retail branches and corporate offices and we are 1 of 7 preferred contractors on the framework.
  • Procurement Route
    3-12 Weeks
  • Value
  • Area
    circa 40,000 sq ft


We delivered refurbishment works, including the installation of brand new Digital Zones, to HSBC branches. The new in-branch digital services are predicted to save the bank $5bn globally.

As most of these projects took place in busy city centre locations, waste removal and access were the biggest challenges.

Waste was stored on site until it could be removed via wait and load skips, and we made sure that the removals took place early in the morning to avoid disrupting surrounding businesses.


The Project

We helped to bring one of the world’s largest banks into the 21st Century with the installation of new Digital Zone’s in their branches. These provide customers with access to internet banking through the use of iPads and the bank’s online app.

Refurbishment works included the replacement of self-service equipment and the installation of new signage, furniture, lighting and flooring throughout all branches.

We collaborated with bank-nominated and direct-sourced subcontractors to make sure that all works were completed to the bank’s expected standard.

“We do appreciate ISG’s customer service, and wish to compliment them on their hard work”

Susan Kidston, HSBC