Invesco’s newest office is now situated amongst some of Germany’s most famous landmarks
  • Customer
  • Completion Date
    June  2013
  • Area
    1,300 sq m
  • Program Duration
    5 weeks


Situated in the heart of Munich, the new office for Invesco is located next to a number of popular landmarks including the Sendlinger Strasse shopping precinct and Germany’s most famous baroque church, Asamkirche. The stylish design replicates the high-quality environment that Invesco demands across its international office network. Specialist features include bespoke carpentry and an impressive signage system displaying illuminated world maps that are crafted from glazed Plexiglas and present Invesco’s office locations across the globe.

In addition to the architectural works, the project included a complex technical installation to meet Invesco’s high security requirements as well as the safety and well-being of its employees. 

The project was delivered over a five-week programme and now houses circa 65 Invesco employees.