Carrières d’avenir


Ce que nos collaborateurs ont à raconter.

Rejoignez notre équipe innovante pour profiter d’un environnement dynamique où vous pourrez vous engager activement dans des projets passionnants. Nous souhaitons vous présenter quelques-uns de nos collaborateurs qui renforcent, font progresser et sont sources d’inspiration pour notre équipe. 

Zahra Ghaffari, Project Engineer

“If you really want to jump start your career and develop your industry skills, then I couldn’t recommend ISG’s graduate programme more.”

Nicol Vitali, Construction Manager

“I’m grateful every day to have the opportunity to do what I love, and I’d like to encourage young people to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

George Hirons, Project Manager

“As I reflect on my time with ISG, I’m grateful not only for the team taking a chance on me and giving me the opportunity to work on such exciting projects, but also trusting me to deliver.”

Bally Gill, Trainee Quantity Surveyor

“I enjoy every day because I know that I’m working towards something. I’m looking at completing my degree, and then it’s onwards and upwards in the surveyor game for me.”

Josh Griffiths, Senior Quantity Surveyor

“Since joining ISG, the biggest surprise was just how key our role is in the city. You see our brand everywhere and some of the most impressive developments dotted around London are delivered by ISG – it’s inspiring to work for a company of this scale.”

Nicola Coughlin, Technical Services Director

“While naturally my job is about engineering and risk management, it’s also all about people. It’s important never to forget that being a willing ear could make the world of difference to someone.”