Reducing our emissions

Reporting our greenhouse gas emissions

2020 was the seventh year ISG voluntarily responded to the CDP climate change programme. For the second year running we have maintained our ‘leadership’ status by scoring A-. We are in the top 21% of companies in our sector, after achieving a score significantly higher than both the CDP submission average, and industry average, of C. Our score demonstrates our commitment to transparent reporting, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving our corporate goal of achieving optimal operational efficiency.

CDP score 2020 | ISG 

Reducing our emissions

2020 saw us reduce our emissions, both absolute and normalised, through our metric of tonnes per £100k of revenue. The table below highlights these reductions:

2019 2020 % Change
Absolute Totals (Tns CO2e) 12,401 7,807 -37%
Normalised Totals (Tns CO2e/£1m) 4.8 3.9 -19%

For calculating the carbon emissions reported, ISG has used the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard from the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, known as the “GHG Protocol Corporate Standard”. Our figures have undergone independent third-party verification (limited assurance), carried out by Avieco Limited.