Our culture

Our people are what make us great, so we nurture a corporate culture that’s boldly open and honest, and rewards the best ideas.

We are really proud that ISG is one of the most fun, driven and dynamic companies to work with in the construction sector. We make sure that we employ people who share our values and constantly strive to create an unbeatable customer experience.

Although we have a common strategy and vision, we care deeply about attracting people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, skills and experiences to become an increasingly diverse and vibrant company.

We have a comprehensive and supportive benefits programme - More for you - to recognise and reward talent and development, and encourage our people to have a healthy work-life balance. We celebrate our people for their wide and ranging achievements, passions, talents and quirks.

We thrive on debate, create office environments that foster collaboration, encourage our people to think differently and share their opinions. Check out our what we think section. After all, if we want to be a company that has bold ideas and encourages discussion, we need to have differing views in the room.

Our vision

Our vision is ISG’s reason for being. It gives us a sense of purpose, and it is why we come to work every day. It sets out our long-term goal for the company and serves as the driving force for our brand.

The world’s most
construction services company,
places that help people and businesses

We want to be the world’s most dynamic construction services company; because we know that we can deliver in a way that’s smarter, more responsive and more dynamic than anyone else. We also know that, with our history in fit out and shop fitting, our people connect to the end users and the purpose of the building better than anyone else. To us, it’s not an empty box; it’s a living, breathing environment that will help our clients prosper.

Our values

Our core values are the guiding principles that determine our actions and behaviours at ISG. Rooted in the brand, they are what drive us every day and provide the building blocks for our common corporate culture. They attract the best people to ISG and inspire our teams as well as reflecting our bold ambitions.


Dream smart

We encourage new thinking and bold ideas backed by knowledge, sound decision-making and first-rate implementation.


Speak frankly

We value clarity and honesty, and we are open and straightforward in all of our dealings. We never shy away from tough conversations.


Always care

We take pride in the quality of our work and demonstrate respect and care for the wellbeing, health and safety of our customers, our people, and our world.


Never stop learning

We encourage and reward great ideas. We constantly strive to improve by seeking new knowledge and skills. Find out how our people never stop learning