Modern Methods of Construction

A modern approach to driving revolutionary change

Ensuring that everything we build operates productively, sustainably and that it performs to its optimum whilst representing value for money is no longer optional; it is expected.

At ISG, we are active members of the Construction Innovation Hub and offer a full suite of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) solutions across our sectors. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the confidence and certainty they need throughout the entire lifecycle. A partner with a proven digital track record is crucial to success, as Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) has an important role in shaping our industry as part of an MMC approach, and we are now positioned to drive this change.

As Zoe Price, Chief Operating Officer, UK Construction explains, “Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) have an increasingly important role in the future of our industry, and at ISG we are working alongside a large number of partners to drive their adoption and implementation across our business and beyond. MMC covers a broad spectrum of innovative construction techniques, as we strive to work more effectively to achieve more whilst using less. We have brought together our supply chain, designers, consultants, manufacturers and customers, and this help us to develop smarter construction practices and methodologies.

"Our understanding and practical implementation of MMC and aspects such as DfMA ensures we can support our clients through this optimised building approach and help you to achieve your net zero carbon targets before 2050."

With increasing recognition of the beneficial impacts of these modern methods , ISG has consolidated its role as an integrator of innovation and best practice. Our smarter practices and methodologies are proving transformational for the speed, quality and environmental performance of our buildings.

What does ISG offer?

The drive towards optimum operational efficiency is a universal goal that underpins better outcomes for us all – creating increased productivity, supporting and promoting innovation, and constantly pushing at the boundaries of what it possible. At ISG, we consistently challenge convention in the pursuit of optimising outcomes for our customers, especially when we are at the forefront of driving a radical transformation in how we deliver the built assets that support our communities and economic prosperity.

Collaboration lies at the heart of this radical step change in how we build, and ISG’s unique approach in bringing together competitive organisations to work towards a common goal has resulted in the adoption of our standard component design principles for classrooms, which the Department for Education (DfE) is now rolling out across its estate. ISG is also an influential member of the Construction Innovation Hub’s ‘Platform Design Programme’ driving innovation that will prove influential to our public estate for generations to come.

Demystifying the often-complex world of DfMA is our specialty, as we increasingly guide and support our customers through our optimised building approach. If you share our passion for operational efficiency, our focus on net zero targets and seek a smarter, more innovative delivery partner, then read more about what we think and how we’ve delivered for our customers.

Circular economy

Environmental performance is one of the key benefits of DfMA, supporting the transition towards a circular economy, which seeks to eliminate the dumping or downgrading of perfectly usable materials and components after a single use. Circular economy principles see us keep valuable resources in the system for longer in the form they were originally intended, before recovering and regenerating products and materials.

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