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  • Data delivery, Construction, Technology

    Reputation - the secret ingredient in datacentre delivery

    16 June 2021 / By Ciaran Flanagan

    As the datacentre industry becomes more engrained in society and our digital lives, there is an increasing need and expectation to look at the importance of reputation as we shift towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives as key business drivers.

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  • Banking, Office, Sustainability

    Who better than the banks to realise the cost of inaction, instead of building back better?

    15 June 2021 / By Lee Phillips

    Asset managers by enterprise, the banks will be weighing up the implications of rationalising and restructuring their estates. Whilst taking the moment to reset and assess their global footprint, adopting smart building technology could hold the key to accelerating further efficiency gains.

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  • Construction, UK

    What does P-DfMA mean to you? - and why it really should matter

    27 May 2021 / By Zoe Price

    As one of the most prominent MMC methodologies, a platform design approach to manufacture and assembly (P-DfMA) is fast becoming a ubiquitous construction term. But in the rush to get with the plan, really understanding what this acronym means for our own organisations, and where we all fit within the new P-DfMA universe is critically important to efficient implementation.

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  • Sustainable Buildings Monitor insight | ISG

    Navigating the net zero journey to 2050

    12 May 2021 / By Debbie Hobbs

    Tackling an issue of the scale and complexity of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 can feel insurmountable, but the energy and optimism of the panel suggested that the precedent has now been set for global cooperation on issues of profound importance to future generations.

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  • The datacentre revolution that could be coming to a high street near you

    The datacentre revolution that could be coming to a high street near you

    27 April 2021 / By Paul Pompili

    Why not put data capacity into empty office spaces? Because we need to solve the power conundrum.

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  • Sustainability, Hospital, Healthcare

    10,500 days and counting – there’s no sugar coating the prescription for carbon neutrality

    31 March 2021 / By Debbie Hobbs

    The clock is ticking, and it’s now just over 10,500 days until 2050 – the date when the UK and over 110 other countries around the world have committed to a legally binding agreement on Net Zero carbon emissions.

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  • Sustainability

    Time for a social value reset?

    30 March 2021

    Following the 2021 National Social Value Conference, our Group Head of Social Value, Fozia Parveen, discusses why public sector social value targets must be re-evaluated in our current COVID climate.

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  • Bart predictable image
    Datacentres, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing

    Predicting the future during the unpredictable

    16 February 2021 / By Bart Korink

    In a year that has defied and confounded every prediction made in 2019, it is perhaps a strange time to be talking about why predictability must be the cornerstone of our industry. Our COO for Engineering Services, Bart Korink, shares why and how forecasting is more important than ever to turn data into 'information' that drives analytical decisions and responses.

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  • Fit out, UK, Office, Design and build

    Defining a new era of workplaces

    12 February 2021 / By Matt Blowers

    ISG Chief Operating Officer, Matt Blowers, talks to WIRED Magazine to discuss why the traditional office environment is no more and how the right blend of remote working, technology and high-quality spaces for their employees can help define a new era for the workplace.

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  • Zoe Price
    Office, Public, UK, Design and build

    Public vs. Private: The fight for talent

    3 February 2021 / By Zoe Price

    As we continue to inch our way forward into the new year and move on from the last, there is little argument that this period will go down in history as one of the lower points of the 21st century. However, it is also a time for reflection and re-evaluation on workplace behaviours and how we can evolve.

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  • Is construction ready for the ‘open protocol’ revolution?
    Healthcare, Education, Defence, UK, Energy

    Is construction ready for the ‘open protocol’ revolution?

    5 January 2021 / By David Broderick

    Companies need to start sharing information much more for the sake of industry-wide innovation, says ISG operations director, David Broderick. A new revolution is on the horizon, but are we ready?

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  • The Power of Place
    Fit out, UK, Office, Design and build

    Defining the future of the workplace in a post-COVID-19 world

    27 November 2020 / By Lee Phillips

    What does the seismic shift in human behaviour brought about by COVID-19 mean for the workplace in a post-pandemic world? Lee Phillips, managing director of ISG's UK Fit Out business, believes we have a real opportunity to define its future...

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  • Debbie-Hobbs-ISG

    Education Estates: The future of construction, operation, maintenance and demolition

    9 November 2020 / By Debbie Hobbs

    We need a bit of hope in our lives, says Debbie Hobbs as she speaks at Education Estates about the Government’s net zero carbon targets.

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  • Paul Beaton - ISG
    Construction, Industrial, Distilleries

    Riding the drinks revolution wave

    6 November 2020 / By Paul Beaton

    The rise of Scotland’s experiential distillery. As the world retreated from in-person meetings to a virtual world driven by connected devices and online orders, the Scottish drinks industry has been carefully planning for the future.

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  • UWE Law
    Construction, Post occupancy studies

    The 'building culturist': a new post occupancy evaluation role

    5 November 2020 / By Zoe Price

    ISG's chief operating officer for UK construction, Zoe Price, looks at a new data-driven approach to post occupancy, the importance of collecting data on building performance and the effects it can have on the construction industry.

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  • Peter Kelly, ISG Head of Sustainability

    What’s horology got to do with it?

    27 October 2020 / By Peter Kelly

    ISG's head of sustainability, Peter Kelly, discusses the effect design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) can have on the construction industry and how our contributions can help change the industry and the wider environment.

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  • Construction, Sustainability

    The changing language of construction

    13 October 2020 / By Debbie Hobbs

    Debbie Hobbs picks out the latest jargon that says so much about rapidly evolving building practices.

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  • Reimagining our healthcare estate – a once in a generation opportunity
    UK, Healthcare

    Reimagining our healthcare estate – a once in a generation opportunity

    7 October 2020 / By Lee Hutchinson

    The Covid-19 crisis has once again placed healthcare at the heart of the debate. The UK now needs to invest significant funds quickly, while ensuring every pound spent makes us a healthier, more resilient nation over the long-term. Re-imagining what healthcare facilities provide and how they function is more important than ever – but how can we make this a reality?

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  • Retail banking - what we think | ISG
    Retail, Banking, Sustainability

    Banking on a sustainable future

    30 July 2020 / By Kevin Dengate

    Bucking the ‘demise of the high street’ trend, banks investing in their existing estate could enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the communities in which they operate.

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  • Project Oriel | ISG
    Healthcare, Engineering services, Technology, Hospital

    Building the medical community of tomorrow

    3 July 2020 / By Lee Hutchinson

    As the future of medicine moves towards greater personalisation of treatment, the healthcare estate must now do the same. Using data, smart solutions and considering the detailed needs of everybody who uses the space is the only way to produce a facility fit for tomorrow.

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  • Cards on the table as 2050 net zero carbon target looms large
    Sustainability, Construction

    Cards on the table as 2050 net zero carbon target looms large

    1 July 2020 / By Debbie Hobbs

    There is a bold new vision for how buildings can reach net zero by 2050. With longevity at our core to create building solutions designed to last for multiple generations, the decisions we take today with our clients are now fundamental to achieving this target. So, what do we need now to be able to act?

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  • The West Midlands will reinvent itself post Covid-19
    UK, Construction, Birmingham, Office

    What does the future look like for the West Midlands as we start building towards life post Covid-19?

    29 June 2020 / By Wayne Flannery

    Pre-Covid-19, Birmingham was one of the fastest developing cities in the UK with large-scale investment across the region and regeneration high on the West Midlands priority list. Research now suggests the region’s economy could be one of the hardest hit – so what does the future hold as we embark on a redefined normality?

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  • Lee Phillips | The power of place | ISG
    Office, Fit out, Design and build, Construction

    The power of place. How can your workplace become a lever of competitive advantage?

    27 February 2020 / By Lee Phillips

    The workplace has long been just somewhere to house your people, processes and systems to get the task done. However, as technology changes the way we live, it is also changing how we work, and has driven a perceptible shift in our expectations for what the workplace is, and what it represents to different groups of people.

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  • Debbie-Hobbs-ISG-sustainable-business

    Procurement needs a social prescription

    13 December 2019 / By Debbie Hobbs

    ISG’s group director for sustainable business, Debbie Hobbs, discusses what makes a successful project and how the 'social' aspects of a project's success are becoming more important than ever before.

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  • Sustainability, Construction

    Dynamic delivery through standardisation

    5 November 2019 / By Paul Watkins

    ISG’s Department for Education (DfE) Framework Manager, Paul Watkins, explains how we have been working with the DfE and delivery partners to develop a standardised model for efficient school delivery which utilises the latest technology. When combined with social value initiatives, we can demonstrate a new way of delivering the vital infrastructure to support the aspirations of our communities.

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  • Building construction tie-ups - ISG
    Construction, Scotland

    Building construction tie-ups

    23 October 2019 / By Paul Beaton

    The voices calling for change are getting louder and, importantly, they can be heard across both sides of the table, as construction companies and clients grapple with the significant challenges facing the built environment sector.

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  • Smartspace - ISG
    BIM, Construction

    The construction industry needs to tackle the two-tier system of BIM adoption

    17 October 2019 / By Donatella Fiorella

    It is becoming increasingly clear that there is an ever-widening gulf between those organisations that are fully signed up members of the BIM club, and those that want to begin their journey, and perhaps more frequently than we’d like to admit, those businesses that simply can’t get out of the starting blocks.

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  • Karen_Vigar_Public_Sector_Frameworks
    Sustainability, Construction

    Building dynamic legacy by future-proofing our industry

    20 September 2019 / By Karen Vigar

    ISG’s education engagement Manager, Karen Vigar, discusses how the business is taking a proactive approach to ensuring the future of the construction workforce via the development of a new A-level equivalent qualification. This game-changing approach stems from our passion and commitment to legacy and making a difference to the people and communities that we serve.

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  • Paul Cossell

    Shifting perceptions to transform Prop Tech

    27 August 2019 / By Paul Cossell

    What does the future hold for our industry? Our CEO, Paul Cossell, shares his thoughts on disruptive technologies and embracing change.

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  • What we think - ISG
    Sustainability, Construction

    Apple’s phone recycling shows how circular principles can transform construction

    1 August 2019 / By Peter Kelly

    ISG head of sustainability, Peter Kelly, considers the shifting landscape of public opinion towards circular economy principles.

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  • Aysegul Sabanci
    Technology, Construction, BIM

    Dealing with digital disruption

    24 July 2019

    Digital disruption in the world of contracting has begun, but the construction sector faces barriers from traditional working practices. Aysegul Sabanci, group head of procurement and supply chain, explains how we have reacted.

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  • Getting what you pay for

    Getting what you pay for

    11 July 2019 / By Paul Cossell

    How can our industry better embrace collaboration and counter the competitive mentality that many believe perpetuates the cyclical boom and bust nature of the sector? Paul Cossell discusses...

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  • Speed to market: A responsive solution to capacity demands
    Data delivery, Technology, Construction

    Speed to market: A responsive solution to capacity demands

    18 June 2019 / By Paul Cossell

    ISG CEO, Paul Cossell, looks at the future for datacentres and how contractors can provide a more responsive solution that brings resilient capacity online quicker.

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  • ISG’s ambitious new programme aims to put health and safety front of mind for every one of us, every single day. Gordon Kew, Chief Operating Officer, explains.
    Charity, Health

    Choose Safe. Choose Health.

    4 June 2019 / By Zoe Price

    ISG’s ambitious new programme aims to put health and safety front of mind for every one of us, every single day. Zoe Price, Chief Operating Officer, explains.

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  • The seven steps of datacentre commissioning success
    Data delivery, Technology, Construction

    The seven steps of datacentre commissioning success

    28 May 2019 / By Paul Pompili

    Paul Pompili, divisional director, considers the essentials to the successful commissioning of a datacentre.

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  • Bringing the circular economy to life in London
    Sustainability, London, Construction

    Bringing the circular economy to life in London

    2 May 2019

    How can we bring the circular economy to life in London? Head of sustainability, Ross Wood, outlines what ISG is doing in its role as a London Business Climate Leader.

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  • Rhyl SC2
    Leisure, UK, Construction

    Pulling leisure out of the deep end

    15 April 2019

    Frameworks project manager, Daniel Leigh, discusses the revolution taking place in public sector leisure provision.

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  • Providing enduring value for our communities, the ISG way - Vicky Hutchinson
    Sustainability, Construction

    Providing enduring value for our communities, the ISG way

    13 February 2019 / By Dr Vicky Hutchinson

    ISG's head of social value, Dr Vicky Hutchinson, explores how ISG is taking the lead on social value in our industry, and what's next for our business as we seek to offer an enduring influence in the communities in which we work.

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  • Sustainability, can you define it?
    Sustainability, Construction

    Sustainability, can you define it?

    20 June 2018 / By Philippa Stone

    As sustainability professionals, we intuitively understand the broad concepts and the multi-faceted nature of those interactions that encompass our company's sustainability vision - but how many of us could realistically claim that our colleagues genuinely understood what this means or even what it is that we do?

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  • Education will unlock our industry’s full potential
    Education, Construction

    Education will unlock our industry’s full potential

    23 May 2018

    Cardiff-based operations manager, Howard Davies, gives an insight into ISG’s co-developed Level 3 qualification in professional construction practice (PCP) and explores why developing talent is so important for the future prosperity of the construction industry.

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  • Sweating the small stuff - ISG
    Fit out, Technical fit out, Leisure, London, Spa and gym facilities

    Don't sweat the small stuff: ISG's smarter way to work out

    13 March 2018

    From immersive virtual spin rooms to airtight high-altitude training facilities, Lee Phillips, managing director of our Agility team, looks at how our technology-led fit out approach is extending beyond the office and into the highly advanced fitness market.

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  • Summit Indoor Adventure, Selby - ISG
    Public, Government, Frameworks, Construction, Sustainability

    Public sector power

    27 October 2017 / By Zoe Price

    Newly appointed group director for public frameworks, Zoe Price, gives us an insight into her new role, a new task force, and why public sector frameworks are important for ISG.

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  • HSL - thinking piece
    R and D labs, Healthcare, Hi Tech assembly, Design and build

    Providing established buildings with a clean bill of health

    13 October 2017

    ISG’s divisional director, Paul Sharp, explains how One Mabledon Place in London went from being an outdated 1960s office block to one of Europe’s largest pathology laboratories.

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  • Peter Kelly, ISG head of sustainability
    Sustainability, Construction, Waste facilities

    Waste is a global issue. We must act now.

    3 August 2017 / By Peter Kelly

    In a special featured article for Construction Manager magazine, ISG’s head of sustainability, Peter Kelly, explains how wider collaboration and communication across the construction industry will help businesses to hit their waste reduction targets.

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  • Retail, Construction, Health

    International expansion: How to hit the ground running in five easy steps

    22 March 2017 / By Pete Dennis

    Pete Dennis, ISG’s group head of operational best practice, explains how contractors need to think locally when they want to go global.

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  • Construction, BIM, Technology

    Could the construction skills gap become virtually non-existent?

    17 March 2017 / By Jack Dearlove

    BIM strategy manager, Jack Dearlove, looks at how ISG's pioneering approach to technology can help to combat the construction skills shortage.

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  • Smart building, The Crystal, Siemens - ISG
    Technology, Technical fit out, Fit out, New build, Sustainability

    Smart buildings: Combining smarter technology with smarter thinking

    6 March 2017 / By Paul Cook

    Head of technology for ISG’s technology solutions business, Paul Cook, discusses the growth of smart buildings and how technology is driving the built environment.

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  • Hotels, Hospitality, London, Liverpool, Construction, Manchester

    Adapt to thrive: the regional hotel space race is well underway

    28 November 2016 / By Andy McLinden

    ISG regional managing director Andy McLinden discusses construction opportunities in the regional hotels and hospitality sector as property in the capital becomes increasingly harder to find.

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  • WhatWeThink - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Technical fit out, Fit out, Technology

    How BIM can make you invaluable to your client

    1 October 2016 / By Richard Oldfield

    ISG and Asda’s BIM journey started around four years ago when discussions were held to evaluate the benefits of BIM implementation for the supermarket’s capital works framework programme.

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  • What we think - Workplace of Tomorrow - ISG
    Office, Design management, Design and build, Technology, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Connected and collaborative: taking the office out of the everyday

    2 September 2016 / By Ardell Bunt

    With the unified communications sector predicted to be worth more than £52 billion by 2020, SMEs and start-ups in this field look set to increase. But what will their offices look like?

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  • What we think - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Are we at the tipping point for BIM adoption in the supply chain?

    2 September 2016 / By Mark Norton

    The experience of finishes and interior contractors operating in a BIM environment would probably be best described as inconsistent.

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  • What we think - ISG
    Waste facilities, Sustainability, Health, Construction management

    Can the industry raise its game to meet stringent waste production targets in 2020?

    1 September 2016 / By Peter Kelly

    With the formation of BuildUK in September 2015, it could be argued that the environmental agenda hasn’t been a key immediate priority when compared to fair payment, health and safety, training and skills.

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  • Data centre
    BIM, Datacentres, Technical fit out, Fit out

    Think integration if you truly value your datacentre BIM investment

    15 August 2016 / By Matthew Roche

    So much has been written about BIM, that it’s become increasingly hard for clients to separate fact from fiction, and to drill down and reveal the real tangible benefits this methodology brings to the datacentre ‘design, build and operate community’.

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  • BIM, Fit out, Technical fit out, Technology

    BIM is constantly evolving

    29 April 2016 / By Mark Norton

    While the pace and proliferation of new technology entering the sector has been impressive, we’ve yet to find software that delivers the all-encompassing solution we require.

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  • ISG - Social value
    Liverpool, Construction, Residential

    Want to know what social value looks like?

    30 March 2016 / By Dr Vicky Hutchinson

    Ultimately, social value must go beyond the notion of ‘giving something back’. It’s not a pre-qualification tick in a box, but a genuine opportunity for built environment organisations and their public sector clients to actively build social improvement into every publicly funded scheme

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  • What we think - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Technology, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Challenging BIM’s top down approach

    10 March 2016 / By Mark Norton

    The onus for driving BIM processes and methodology has traditionally landed squarely at the door of the main contractor. It’s easy to see why this top down approach continues to prevail.

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  • What we think - Social Value - ISG
    Public, Construction, New build

    Can social value build better communities?

    2 February 2016 / By Dr Vicky Hutchinson

    January 31st marks three years since the Social Value Act came into force, obliging all public sector organisations in England and Wales to incorporate considerations of social value in procurement decisions for public service contracts.

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  • ISG - BIM expertise supply chain
    BIM, Fit out, Technical fit out, Technology

    Why passing BIM expertise down the chain is so important?

    8 January 2016 / By Adam O'Brien

    As BIM methodology is increasingly the standard, rather than the exception, across all project value bands, the role of our supply chain partners is ever more pivotal in our ability to deliver positive BIM outcomes.

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  • ISG - Presley or Swift
    Office, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Era of one-size-fits-all office is over

    2 January 2016 / By Tim Hardingham

    Changes in technology, the jobs we do and how we do them have all caused office design to evolve over the decades too, but that doesn’t mean we should leave anyone behind.

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