Technology solutions

We believe all business environments are technology environments.

Our technology solutions team is revolutionising the traditional technology delivery model, making our customers’ work environments smarter and more resilient. Our game-changing approach starts not with what we do, but with what we believe.

“The construction and IT industries have long operated in silos. Our vision is to challenge the way we work together in a dynamic world, enabling our clients to benefit from integrated thinking and solutions.”

Matthew Roche, Managing Director, Technology Solutions

We believe...

All business environments are technology environments

Technology can no longer afford to be an add-on to the built environment—it must be integral to the fabric of the place. Our Technology Solutions team works at the intersection of technology, construction and business, creating buildable technology solutions from strategy and design through to delivery. This integration is what makes us different. More importantly, it’s what ensures our customers derive the greatest possible value from technology in their workplaces.

All delivery teams are technology teams

Disconnected technology and construction teams plague our industry, often resulting in inefficient delivery and ineffective solutions. At ISG, our Technology Solutions team is on a mission to challenge the status quo. We provide highly collaborative construction management, unprecedented in the industry. As a result, our customers benefit from having better working relationships and cost savings derived from efficiencies.

All end users are technology users

Many technology experts say they focus on the end user, but we are the first solutions provider to operate in a way that directly supports this claim. We bridge the gap between IT and facilities management with lifecycle and end-user Secure Services that provide critical specialist technology support. We find Secure Services gives our customers the assurance that comes from having specialist technology expertise as an integrated part of their facilities management teams.

Our experience

We have a long-standing and unrivalled experience in providing construction services across a range of sectors. Whether we are working for global retailers, education providers, government institutions, world-renowned companies, or delivering groundbreaking research and development facilities, it is one of our four corporate goals to provide the best customer experience in our industry, before, during, and after project delivery. Learn more about our sectorised approach by visiting the following links.

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