Shaping New Worlds

10 ways we believe technology will transform our industry and the built environment.

ISG is leading on the integration of technology in the built environment. It’s part of our commitment to become the world’s most dynamic construction services company that delivers places where people and businesses thrive.

Step inside our virtual world to see our ten-point technology manifesto and learn how we believe the application of technology will make the construction industry better, smarter and more innovative than ever before.

VR Headset Instructions:

1. Once you have started the tour from the next page please select ‘WebVR mode’ from the menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen
2. Place your phone in your headset
3. Explore the space and read our 10 points by hovering the small white curser over room icons and ISG logos (these may also appear as "i" icons on certain devices).

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