ISG public sector frameworks

Enduring value across public sector frameworks. Delivering resilient, agile and future-proofed projects that help people and places thrive.

We understand that public sector organisations are under significant pressure to build legacy into their places and systems. We know you need to maximise the value of public funds and that you must focus on both current and future needs.

The solution

Achieving legacy requires more than just smart planning across delivery frameworks. Organisations and peoples’ needs are changing faster than ever before, and as a result, legacy can no longer afford to be static. Meeting the needs of tomorrow means building in resilience and flexibility now; leveraging technology and data for better insights; and blending best practice with innovative solutions to ensure long-term benefit.

What we do

At ISG, we approach every public sector framework with a legacy mindset. More than that, we strive for what we call ‘enduring value’. By developing relationships with our customers built on trust, collaboration and shared vision, we deliver resilient, agile and future-proofed places that surpass expectations and provide long-term economic and social value for people.

Our current framework partnerships

Visit the link below to see a sample of our current public sector frameworks. This list is constantly evolving as we procure further work with public sector bodies around the UK. For more information, please contact our public sector frameworks team today.

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Public sector building Cardiff ISG

Our core services

ISG is different. Our origins in fit out means we have meticulous attention to detail and focus on the client’s needs and business drivers like no other, and we know that every project is a technology project. Which is why we acknowledge our service offer is equally about fit out, technology and construction.

Fit out

Our track record reveals broader experience across a wider range of projects than any other provider in the market.


Our dedicated technology solutions team capable of advising and implementing for our clients across all sectors.


We have a strong track record of construction and engineering projects, from single-storey construction to large-scale.

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